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'''Growlie''' (Japanese: '''ガーちゃん''' ''Gar-chan'') is a {{p|Growlithe}} that was owned by a younger [[James]] and his [[starter Pokémon|first Pokémon]]. Eventually, James ran away from home, leaving behind his beloved Growlithe.
===[[Original series]]===
[[File:James and Growlie.png|thumb|left|225px|Growlie in its original appearance in ''[[EP048|Holy Matrimony!]]'']]
[[File:Younger James.png|thumb|250px|Growlie as a puppy]]
As a child, Growlie was James's only friend on [[James's parents|his parents']] estate. The two were inseparable, and Growlie often comforted James whenever he had problems;, especially with his parents and arranged fiancéfiancée, [[Jessebelle]]. When the stresses of home became too much, James ran away, leaving Growlie behind at the mansion. Growlie lives in an extravagant doghouse, which was so large that {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} mistook it for being the family's actual mansion. {{an|Misty}} even commented, to her later embarrassment, that it was the largest mansion she'd had ever seen.
Years later, in ''[[EP048|Holy Matrimony!]]'', James returned to his parents' home after hearing that they had died. However, this turned out to be a hoax, designed to trick James into marrying Jessebelle. After the deception was revealed, Jessebelle trapped James in the family's dungeon. Ash, {{ashfr}}, [[Jessie]] and {{MTR}} released Growlie from his doghouse, allowing Growlie to burst into the dungeon and rescue its long-lost master. The two were thrilled to see each other, but their reunion was cut short by Jessebelle, who subsequently attacked with her {{p|Vileplume}}. After defeating the Vileplume and temporarily chasing Jessebelle off the estate, James once again left home, thereby giving up his inheritance and continuing to live with [[Jessie]] and {{MTR}}. Before he left, he told Growlie to stay behind and watch after his parents, which greatly saddened the Puppy Pokémon.
==={{series|Diamond & Pearl series}}===
Growlie made a reappearance in ''[[DP153|The Treasure Is All Mine!]]'', where it inadvertently blew Team Rocket's cover. The team had been infiltrating one of James's vacation homes; Growlie, elated to see its master once again, pounced on the group. Growlie proceeded to help James (once again) evade his ever-pursuing family. Though they rarely see each other any more, Growlie remains protective and devoted to its master.
* Not including temporary Pokémon, Growlie is the first Pokémon owned by a main character to have a [[nickname]]. The second is [[Caserin and Luverin|Caserin]].
* Growlie is loosely based upon or possibly inspired by the classic character of Petrasche in English author Marie Louise de la Ramée's 1872 novel, ''{{wp|A Dog of Flanders}}'', published with her pseudonym ''Ouida''. It is a coming-of-age tale about a Flemish boy named Nello and his dog Patrasche, who later freezes to death in a chapel in front of the famous Ruebens painting. In ''[[EP048|Holy Matrimony!]]'', James even mutters the famous line spoken by Nello as he lies dying in the snow: ''Farewell this unfortunate world''. This is a little more or less surprising as the story is widely read in Japan, and has been adapted into several films and anime.
** Coincidentally, a commercial for the {{wp|Dog of Flanders (1975 TV series)|1975 anime adaptionadaptation}} of the above story was included on some of the early Pokémon VHS releases.
* ThereExcluding weretemporary 571 episodes betweenPokémon, Growlie's first appearance and its second appearance, which to this date is the longestonly time between a particular{{type|Fire}} Pokémon owned by aeither character'sJessie first and second physical appearances within theor showJames.
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