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===Original series===
[[File:James and Growlie.png|thumb|left|225px|Growlie in its original appearance in ''[[EP048|Holy Matrimony!]]'']]
[[File:Younger James.png|thumb|250px|Growlie as a puppy]]
As a child, Growlie was James's only friend on [[James's parents|his parents']] estate. The two were inseparable, and Growlie often comforted James whenever he had problems; especially with his parents and arranged fiancé, [[Jessebelle]]. When the stresses of home became too much, James ran away, leaving Growlie behind at the mansion. Growlie lives in an extravagant doghouse, which was so large that {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} mistook it for being the family's actual mansion. {{an|Misty}} even commented, to her later embarrassment, that it was the largest mansion she'd ever seen.