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Rage Candy Bar

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In the games
==In the games==
===Generation II===
The Rage Candy Bar first appeared in [[Generation II]]. It is a local specialty of [[Mahogany Town]], in the same vein as the [[Lavaridge Town]]'s {{DL|Status ailmentcondition healing item|Lava Cookie}} is in later [[generation]]s. The first place in which the [[item]] can be bought is from a salesman blocking the way out of Mahogany Town (who is there to prevent the {{player}} from skipping the [[Lake of Rage]] and [[Team Rocket HQ|Rocket Hideout]] events of the plot); he sells these for {{PDollar}}300. Once the [[Red Gyarados]] has been captured or defeated, he stops selling the item. The Rage Candy Bar remains unavailable until the {{tc|Executive|Rocket Executives}} have been defeated at the [[Goldenrod Radio Tower]]. After this, it can be purchased from the [[Mahogany Town]] {{DL|Mahogany Town|Souvenir Shop}} for the same price.
In these games, the Rage Candy Bar acts like a {{DL|Potion|Potion}} by healing 20 {{stat|HP}}.