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A bit about me
Firstly, if you think i'm all talk and no edit, click here
== A bit about me ==
I was born in Steeton, Yorkshire on 10th june 1994. I now live in Llanelli in south wales. the weather is mostly shit here.
Yeh, i'm emo. "What is emo?" i hear you ask. Well i'll tell you. This is the emo corner definition: Well most people would consider it punk with emotion is what we would call the classification of a new rising way of feeling your inner self. Close enough to punk and rock Emo is now know for it's more emotional state of mind. Instead of the anger hard-core way of expressing one-self , Emo (short for emotional) has taken a new tole on the twentith century of expressing yourself. From the music with strong emotion and feeling, unlike hard rock or this is more of an alternative way to let your feeling be known.Emo is not only a classification or a type of music it's also taken over the way one expresses themself by dressing. It includes the tighter fiting pants to the dyed-black or dark hair with it covering your face. The longer hair in front with the spikes in the back is also a more Emo- or emotional look to dressing. Emo is also being known as for the hot emo guys and emo girls kissing. From pictures all on the web to the music videos. Hot emo girl to girl and well as hot emo guy to guy is becoming more and more adventurous and more open concluding; Emo meaning being comfortable with oneself. Its a more direct way of altering the feelings one has without words, just emotion.