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Mr. Fuji

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In the manga
Mr. Fuji first appears in ''[[PS013|Sigh for Psyduck]]'', when he meets {{adv|Red}} in [[Lavender Town]], on his way to pay his respects to his {{p|Doduo}}'s grave. Mr. Fuji invites Red to his house and tells about the [[Pokémon Tower]] and the {{OBP|ghost|literal}}s in there. Because of them, he cannot bury his {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} in a proper place. Red sees a photo of {{adv|Blue}} with Mr. Fuji, who tells him that the lad went to the Pokémon Tower to defy the presence of any ghosts, which makes Red willing to go there as well. Once Blue defeats [[Koga#In the Pokémon Adventures manga|Koga]] and the truth about the ghosts is revealed to the citizens of [[Lavender Town]], Mr. Fuji can finally take his deceased Pokémon to rest at the Pokémon Tower.
Mr. Fuji made a couple of cameo appearances in later chapters. In ''[[PS179|The Last Battle XIII]]'', he is one of the [[Pokémon Fan Club]] members that sent Pokémon to defeat {{p|Lugia}} and {{p|Ho-Oh}}. In ''[[PS295|LastDouble ShotDown Deoxys]]'', the [[#Fame Checker|photo]] of Mr. Fuji and [[Blaine]] standing shoulder to shoulder is seen in an album.