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In ''[[AG073|Grass Hysteria!]]'', May was kidnapped by a hungry {{p|Skarmory}} and ended up lost in a reserve for {{type|Grass}} {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} called the [[Forbidden Forest]]. There, she met a clumsy Bulbasaur trying to pick flowers. Bulbasaur warmed up to May after being saved from a fall, but the other Pokémon in the reserve repeatedly tried to attack May. However, Bulbasaur explained to {{p|Venusaur}}, her parent and the ruler of the Forbidden Forest, that May was a friend. Before May had to leave, Bulbasaur decided to stay with her.
In ''[[AG074|Hokey Poké Balls!]]'', May sent out her Bulbasaur to enjoy the sights as they went through a city. Bulbasaur quickly gets distracted by some flowers in a truck and has to be rescued as the truck speedsspeed off. Later at the Pokémon Center May shows Professor Oak her Bulbasaur, which makes Ash decide to bring his [[Ash's Bulbasaur|Bulbasaur]] over for a visit. When the Poké Ball arrives though it won't open, making everyone believe that the Pokémon Center's balls were stolen. It is revealed to be Team Rocket, who accidentally drop Ash's Bulbasaur while escaping. The two Bulbasaur team up to stop Team Rocket, with Ash's Bulbasaur teaching May's along the way. Once they find Team Rocket the Bulbasaurs battle against them, with Ash's Bulbasaur protecting and teaching Mays how to fight. After rescuing the Pokémon Professor Oak calls back and asks for Ash's Bulbasaur to return and stop the water and grass Pokémon from fighting. Ash sends his Bulbasaur back to Professor Oak's Laboratory as May's Bulbasaur appears to have made a positive change from the experience.
Bulbasaur made her Contest debut in the Battle Round of the [[Rubello Town]] [[Pokémon Contest]] in ''[[AG078|Cruisin' for a Losin']]''. She was initially excited to participate, but became nervous when she got on stage, resulting in a loss.
Bulbasaur also competed in the Battle Round of the [[Hoenn Grand Festival]]. In ''[[AG123|Rhapsody in Drew]]'', she was called out to battle along with {{TP|May|Beautifly}} against Harley's Cacturne and {{p|Banette}}. Together they managed to defeat their opponents and advance May to the next round.
In ''[[AG133|The Right Place and the Right Mime]]'', Bulbasaur was shown to be one of the Pokémon May decided to bring with her when she traveled through the [[Kanto]] region. Bulbasaur was reunited with Ash's Bulbasaur when May made a stop at Professor Oak's Lab to meet up with Ash. The Bulbasaurs where later used in a battle against Team Rocket, where May's Bulbasaur was impressed by Ash's Bulbasaur's skill. May decided to leave Bulbasaur at Professor Oak's Lab so she could learn more from Ash's Bulbasaur. Eventually, after journeying to the [[Johto]] [[region]], May got Bulbasaur back from {{an|Professor Oak}}, and during her time away from Ash, she [[Evolution|evolved]] twice into {{p|Ivysaur}} and {{p|Venusaur}}.