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[[File:Polibo Poliwag.png|thumb|100px|left|As a Poliwag]]
As a {{p|Poliwag}}, he was one of the family Pokémon at Gold's home that he grew up with. When the Team Rocket grunts stole Gold's [[bag|backpack]], containing the [[Poké Ball]]s of his family Pokémon, Polibo's Poké Ball was washed away by the stream and ended up with a wild Granbull, who Gold defeated and got back. After he saw a commemoration picture of {{adv|Red}}'s party after his victory over the [[Indigo League]], he had hopes to evolving into a {{p|Poliwrath}}, just like how [[Poli]] turned out.
[[File:Polibo Poliwhirl.png|thumb|125px|left|As a Poliwhirl]]
After much training at the [[Pokémon Day Care|Day-Care Center]] (including fights against a {{p|Donphan}}), when Gold was at the [[Bell Tower|Tin Tower]], he evolved into a {{p|Poliwhirl}} when the tower was collapsing due to a [[Team Rocket|Rocket]]-induced {{m|Earthquake}} and then into a {{p|Politoed}} when he was traded to {{adv|Silver}} while holding the {{DL|Evolution-inducing held item|King's Rock}} just before the tower had collapsed entirely. Due to the fact that he was now under Silver's ownership, he followed his commands and loafed around when Gold ordered him, trapping the Rocket-owned {{p|Piloswine}} in a {{m|Whirlpool}}. After the two boys healed their Pokémon, he attempted to attack Silver's {{p|Tyranitar}} with his advantageous water attacks, but is thwarted by {{DL|Silver (Adventures)|Honchkrow|Murkrow}} and is beaten.