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List of cross-generational references

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To Generation I
* A {{tc|Youngster}} on {{rt|5|Kalos}} will mention that he likes to wear shorts because "they are comfy and easy to wear."
* A sleeping {{p|Snorlax}} is blocking {{rt|7|Kalos}}, and the [[Poké Flute]] is required to awaken and get past it.
* A remix of the wild Pokémon battle music from Generation I plays when battling {{p|Mewtwo}} and the [[legendary birds]], using exactly the same soundfootsoundfont as that of the Game Boy music. The remix also contains {{m|Strength|boulder pushing}} sound effect from [[Generation I]].
* A non-player character at {{DL|Lumiose City|Magenta Plaza}} mentions that {{ga|Blue|Professor Oak's grandson}} visited Kalos to study abroad, and would frequently end conversations with "Smell ya later!" However, she also says that he got "bonjour" down just fine, which is how he greeted the player while aboard the [[S.S. Anne]].
* A {{tc|Battle Girl}} in the Fighting Dojo on the third floor of a building at {{DL|Lumiose City|North Boulevard}} mentioned that her [[Kiyo|sensei]] came all the way from the Kanto region to open a [[Fighting Dojo]].