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List of cross-generational references

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To Generation I: if we were going to mention every tune that's always remixed from gen 1 (inc. each victory tune, obtaining items, etc.) then this list would be much longer
===Generation V===
====To Generation I====
* The [[Pokémon Center]]'s theme, as it's always been, is a direct remix from the original theme from {{game|Red and Blue|s}}.
* {{ga|Blue}}'s theme as [[Kanto]] {{pkmn|Champion}} is remixed in the final battles of official competitions.
* After a {{tc|Swimmer}} in [[Undella Bay]] is defeated, he claims he will challenge [[Gym Leader]]s all over the world. He then asks where he can find {{type|Water}} [[Gym]]s, asking for confirmation that they're in [[Cerulean Gym|Kanto]], [[Sootopolis Gym|Hoenn]], and [[Pastoria Gym|Sinnoh]].