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Unused trades
==Unused trades==
In [[Generation I]], there are a few in-game trades which were programmed into the game but were never assigned to any NPC. The most relevant of these is a {{p|Butterfree}} for {{p|Beedrill}} trade, which appeared in every Generation I game across all language releases despite never being used. The nickname of the traded Beedrill went through a number of changes, starting out as "{{tt|ピピん|Pipin}}" in {{2v2|Red|Green}}, changing to "{{tt|チクチク|Chikuchiku}}" in the Japanese Blue (and Japanese Yellow), being <!--romanized--> converted to "{{tt|CHIKUCHIKU|Literally 'prick' or 'prickle'}}" in {{2v2|Red|Blue}}, and finally becoming "STINGER" in English releases of Yellow. Pokémon Yellow also introduced two more unused trades, both of which trade a Pokémon for another of exactly the same species.<ref name="Pokémon Red and Blue - In-Game Trades (web archive)">[ Pokémon Red and Blue - In-Game Trades]</ref><ref name="The Azure Heights Forum: Who's that [traded] Pokémon?">[;f=1;t=000207 The Azure Heights Forum: Who's that traded Pokémon?]</ref><ref>[ A text dump of Pokémon Yellow]</ref><ref>[ In-game Trades]</ref>
===Trade data===