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"The Sevii Islands is the only area in the extended Kanto region where Generation II Pokémon can be obtained." How about {{p|Wobbuffet}} in [[Cerulean Cave]]? [[User:Tk3141|Tk3141]] 21:37, 2 April 2012 (UTC)
:I have changed the page and removed the error. [[User:Tk3141|Tk3141]] 17:59, 5 April 2012 (UTC)
== Names: Knot Island/etc vs One Island (town)/etc ==
The current distinctions are terrible and mistaken. These names are, at worst, interchangeable, and we should not be ''mixing'' our usage of them. We should not have pages at [[Knot Island]] and [[One Island (town)]], we should either have "Knot Island" and "Knot Island (town)" (if we will presume that Knot Island is the "official" name for One Island in ''any'' occurence) or we should have "One Island" and "One Island (town)" (if we will follow the all but universal in-game usage).
The quotes from FRLG below show that "One Island"/etc are unequivocally used to refer to the whole island.
* "''The POKéMON are in the ROCKET WAREHOUSE on FIVE ISLAND.''" (If you want to suppose that Five Island just refers to the town area (where that title appears when you enter it), then the Rocket Warehouse is not in [[Five Island (town)]], it is in [[Five Isle Meadow]]. I.e., this quote only makes sense if "Five Island" refers to the whole island.)
* "''There’s this little island in the far south called ONE ISLAND.''"
* "''BILL: Here we are! This is ONE ISLAND. There are several islands around here, and this is one of them.''" ("'''[T]his''' is one of them" does not make sense if he is referring to One Island only as a town.)
* "''THREE ISLAND is actually the most populous of the islands here.''"
* "''When it evolves, I’m going to play a game on TWO ISLAND.''" (You wouldn't say "on" a town, you would say "at".)
* "''I need to fish on SEVEN ISLAND.''" (Again, "on" would not be said for a town.)
* "''The island next to this one’s called TWO ISLAND.''"
* "''It’s supposed to be on ONE ISLAND, but I haven’t found one yet.''" (Again, "on" instead of "at". This is also referring to the {{DL|List of key items in Generation III|Ruby}} in particular, which is on [[Mt. Ember]], which is on One Island/Knot Island (i.e., again, it makes no sense unless "One Island" refers to more than just the town).)
* "''My place is the house with the red roof on THREE ISLAND.''" ("On" instead of "at".)
* "''Not many people live on TWO ISLAND.''" ("On" instead of "at".)
* "''A cave which is covered by water and ice on FOUR ISLAND.''" (Description of [[Icefall Cave]])
In short, One Island/etc is how the people call the whole island/area in the games. It is definitely not ''just'' the name of/for the town area. If we want to take "Knot Island"/etc as official over "One Island"/etc for the whole island, then we need to apply that to the town areas as well. It is not logical to do otherwise.
...FWIW, I actually subscribe to the idea that Knot Island/etc are (at best) more nicknames than official. That better matches the format of other town signs. For instance, compare "Vermillion City / The Port of Exquisite Sunsets" and "Four Island / The Warm, Blue, Floe Island"; the location{{tt|*|In this case in particular, this really only makes good sense if 'Four Island' is referring to the whole island, especially if you want to say that the sign proves the official name of the island is Floe Island}} is named first, then it's given a poetic tagline. That's all it's supposed to be IMO, poetic/descriptive, not an official name. Also, I'm not an expert on what does or doesn't qualify as a "name" in Japanese, but the Japanese for Four Island/Floe Island's sign is ''ここは 4のしま / あたたかく あおい こおりしま'', and IMO "こおりしま" (equivalent to "Floe Island") is just descriptive, not a name. To be honest, I would be very happy if we could revisit that entire discussion and just undo the decision to consider "Knot Island"/etc the "official" names in the first place.
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