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Ash's Raticate

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'''Ash's Raticate''' (Japanese '''サトシのラッタ''' ''Satoshi's Ratta'') was a {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} temporarily owned by [[Ash Ketchum]] in the episode ''[[EP015|Battle Aboard the St. Anne]]''.
[[File:Butterfree Raticate trade.png|thumb|left|200px|Butterfree being traded for Raticate]]
ARaticate first appeared under the ownership of a {{tc|Gentleman}} aboard the [[S.S. Anne|St. Anne]], waseasily challengingdefeating a {{pkmn|Trainer}}'s to {{pkmnp|battleStarmie}} hisin a {{ppkmn|Raticatebattle}}. Seeing how strong Raticate was, Ash battledchallenged itthe withGentleman to a battle, using his {{AP|Butterfree}}. against Raticate's. powerfulButterfree Supereasily Fangendured and Jumpdodged Kickall attacksof wereRaticate's no match for Butterfreeattacks, whoand then {{status|paralysis|paralyzed}} it with {{m|Stun Spore}}. Before Ash could order itthe tofinishing finish it offmove, however, the Gentleman forfeited,called sayingoff thatthe Butterfree has shown how strong it is (although he could have just been concerned about Raticate). Afterwardsbattle, the Gentleman revealedsaying that he was so impressed with Butterfree that he wanted to [[trade]] his Raticate for it. Ash, being impressed with the Raticate, and having asked Brock for advice, at which he told Ash he should trade (however, given that Brock was a little preoccupied with a woman at the momentdraw, he may not have done this consciously), and so the two traded their Pokémon. However impressedalthough Ash was with Raticate, he only used it once, mistakenly calling it out when he wantedclose to use his Butterfree's Stun Spore to help fight against the swarm of {{tc|Team Rocket Grunt}}s on board, as he had momentarily forgotten the trade had happened. Because he missed his Butterfree and he worried about how the Gentleman would treat it, he realized that the trade had been a bad idea and he would rather have his original Pokémon back. He wanted this so badly that he traded the Raticate back while the [[S.S. Anne|St. Anne]] was sinking, causing him and his friends to be trapped inside as it sank into the depthswinning.
Afterwards, the Gentleman came to tell Ash that he was so impressed with Butterfree that he wanted to him to [[trade]] it for his Raticate. Ash, although being impressed of Raticate's strength too, was uncertain of what to do, and asked {{an|Brock}} for advice. Brock told Ash to agree to trade, although given the fact that he was infatuated by the Gentleman's beautiful woman companion at the moment, he likely wasn't even fully paying attention to what they were talking about. Thus the trade was made, making Raticate Ash's newest Pokémon. Later Ash told {{an|Misty}} about how he was still uncertain if the Gentleman would take care of Butterfree the way he did, and was thinking if he even did the right thing by trading it away.
Ash only used Raticate once, mistakenly calling it out when he wanted to use his Butterfree to help fighting against the group of {{tc|Team Rocket Grunt}}s on board, having momentarily forgotten the trade had happened. Finally fully understanding how much he missed his Butterfree and how worried about its well-being he was, Ash came to realize that the trade had been a bad idea and he would rather have his first [[caught Pokémon]] back. The Gentleman agreed to trade Butterfree back, and the original trade was reversed while the St. Anne was sinking. Due to this delay, Ash and {{ashfr}} got trapped inside as the ship sank into the depths. Neither Raticate or its Trainer have been seen since.
==Personality and characteristics==
Since Ash only owned it for less than an entire episode, little can be said about Raticate itself. There is not enough known about it to even distinguish it from other Raticate, apart from the fact that it can use Jump Kick, a techniquemove that cannot be learned by other Raticate, and that it is, in general, a strong Pokémon.
==Moves used==
* Raticate is the first Pokémon Ash obtained in its fully evolved form. However, the first fully evolved Pokémon he caught himself was {{AP|Primeape}}.
* Raticate is the first out of two Pokémon Ash obtained in a trade, the second one is {{AP|Buizel}}.
* Every move Raticate used was a [[Signaturesignature move]] at the time.
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