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Nidoran♂ (Pokémon)

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Trivia: Clarifying due to the existence of Jellicent etc.
* Nidoran was the first Pokémon to feature gender differences, and even gender; however, their difference is much greater than most later Pokémon.
* Despite the addition of genders in all Pokémon starting in Generation II, the two variations of Nidoran remained separate species, rather than a singular species that splits down different evolution paths based on gender.
** A Nidoran♀ {{pkmn|Egg}} does, however, have a chance of hatching into a Nidoran♂ when bred with a non-Nidoran♂ compatible father, while Nidoran♂ can lay Eggs that hatch into either of them via breeding with {{p|Ditto}}.