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SimilarlySimilar to the [[Poké Radar]], hidden Pokémon can also be chained, though chaining with hidden Pokémon is easier than with the Poké Radar.
A chain builds every time the player captures or defeats a hidden Pokémon of any species. If the player does not capture or defeat the Pokémon (whether the player chooses or is forced to [[escape|flee]], such as by {{m|Roar}}, or the Pokémon escapes, such as by {{m|Teleport}}), the chain breaks. A chain will also break if, outside of battle, a hidden Pokémon appeared and is not encountered (whether by scaring it away, waiting too long, walking too far away, leaving the area, or entering a different battle). The chained Pokémon do not need to be found using the Search function, and the message "The Pokémon couldn't be found. Try looking in a different area!" does not break the chain if received when the Search function is used.