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Prior to the invention and mass-production of Poké Balls, people tended to use hollowed-out [[Apricorn]]s, native to the [[Johto]] region, to capture Pokémon, while even further back, Pokémon were not known as "Pokémon" at all, but as "magical creatures" (Japanese: 魔獣 ''majuu''). In these times, many Pokémon were apparently feared because of their powers, sometimes so great that the most powerful of these monsters [[legendary Pokémon|passed into legend]] and were often seen as {{wp|deity|deities}} in their own right.
Interestingly, Ash and his friends, through their interaction with history in ''[[M12|Arceus and the Jewel of Life]]'', seemingly invented the term "Pokémon" to refer to these creatures. This, however, creates ana {{wp|bootstrap paradox}}, as their knowledge and use of the word comes only from its wide use in their future time. What may remain true is that the term came into practice elsewhere on its own.
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