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<gallery>{{bad image|reason=Capsules 3 and 5 have blue circles; Capsules 1, 2, and 4 should have images on their pedestals}}
File:'''Zukan BW02''' C1.png|Capsule(Japanese: '''立体ポケモン図鑑BW02''' ''Three-dimensional One<br>{{ptt|SnivyPokémon Zukan|Pokédex}} BW02'') is the second collection of figures in the [[Pokémon Black and White Versions|BW]] Edition of [[Pokémon Zukan figures]]. It encompasses five different capsules, each one focusing on Pokémon available in {{pgame|Servine}}Black and {{pWhite|Serperiors}}, and was released in April 2011.<ref>[ Zukan BW02 product details] (retrieved July 16, 2015)</ref><ref>[ Zukan BW02] (retrieved July 16, 2015)</ref>
File:Zukan BW02 C2.png|Capsule Two<br>{{p|Pidove}}, {{p|Tranquill}} and {{p|Unfezant}} (Male or female version)
File:Zukan BW02 C3.png|Capsule Three<br>{{p|Drilbur}} and {{p|Excadrill}}
File:Zukan BW02 C4.png|Capsule Four<br>{{p|Darumaka}} and {{p|Darmanitan}} (Standard and Zen Mode)
File:Zukan BW02 C5.png|Capsule Five<br>{{p|Minccino}} and {{p|Cinccino}}
|image1=Zukan BW02 C1.png|caption1=Capsule 1<br/>{{p|Snivy}}, {{p|Servine}}, and {{p|Serperior}}
|image2=Zukan BW02 C2.png|caption2=Capsule 2(A)<br/>{{p|Pidove}}, {{p|Tranquill}}, and {{p|Unfezant}} (male)
|image3=Zukan BW02 C2.png|caption3=Capsule 2(B)<br/>{{p|Pidove}}, {{p|Tranquill}}, and {{p|Unfezant}} (female)
|image4=Zukan BW02 C3.png|caption4=Capsule 3<br/>{{p|Drilbur}} and {{p|Excadrill}}
|image5=Zukan BW02 C4.png|caption5=Capsule 4<br/>{{p|Darumaka}}, Standard Mode {{p|Darmanitan}}, and Zen Mode {{p|Darmanitan}}
|image6=Zukan BW02 C5.png|caption6=Capsule 5<br/>{{p|Minccino}} and {{p|Cinccino}}
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