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<i>Chasing after a hungry Munchlax, Ash and his friends end up at Rhonda's, a restaurant run by a girl named Rhonda with Mr. Mime as its head chef. Team Rocket stumbles across another restaurant, Rhoda's, run by a girl named Rhoda with Sneasel as its head chef. Meowth quickly takes a disliking to Sneasel, but Jessie and James want it for Team Rocket.
The episode begins with our heroes walking happily along a path in the middle of a forest. {{ancleanup|Maysection}} is very excited about the Contest, which {{Ash}} says that she'll do great in. May talks about the exciting new challenges she will face in [[Kanto]]'s Contest Halls, and a vision of [[Drew]] appears in her mind to remind her that she's not alone in her dream. Suddenly, {{TP|May|Munchlax}} pops out of its [[Poké Ball]] and starts to smell the air. Obviously smelling something delicious, Munchlax starts to run off in search of the source of the smell. May tells Munchlax to slow down, and runs off after her Pokémon.
As the group walks along a path in the middle of a forest, {{an|May}} expresses her excitement about the upcoming [[Saffron City]] [[Pokémon Contest]], which {{Ash}} says that she'll do great in. May talks about the exciting new challenges she will face in [[Kanto]]'s [[Contest Hall]]s, and a vision of [[Drew]] appears in her mind to remind her that she is not alone in her dream. Suddenly, {{TP|May|Munchlax}} pops out of its {{i|Poké Ball}}, starts to smell something delicious the air, and then runs off in search of its source. May tells Munchlax to slow down, and runs off after her Pokémon. Meanwhile, {{TRT}} is seen slowly walking through the same forest, tired and starving. [[Jessie]] and [[James]] fall to the ground, and Jessie complains how much hard work it is tracking Ash and {{ashfr}}. However, their attention is brought away from Ash as Jessie spots what appears to be a restaurant not far away. The three villains instantly run towards the building, excited at the thought of all the delicious food before Jessie stops them and reminds James and {{MTR}} that they have no money. James and Meowth, unable to stop in time, slam straight into the restaurant's door and fall dejectedly onto the floor. The door opens and a pretty girl greets them and invites them in, saying her name is [[Rhoda]]. Rhoda says that today is her restaurant's grand opening and all of the meals are free, to Team Rocket's delight.
Meanwhile, Munchlax isn'thas thefound onlywhat oneit was hungrylooking howeverfor, asand wehas findstopped {{TRT}}in slowlyfront walkingof throughwhat theappears sameto forest,be tiredanother and starvingrestaurant. [[Jessie]]May blushes and [[James]]says fallthat toshe theknows ground,how andMunchlax Jessiefeels. complainsThe howdoors muchopen, hardand worka it is tracking Ashgirl and her {{ashfrp|Mr. Mime}}. However,smile theirand attentionwelcome isthem brought awayin, fromintroducing Ashherself as Jessie{{OBP|Rhonda|AG141}}. spots[[Max]] whateyes appearsthe toMr. beMime awith restaurantinterest, notand farthe away.girl Theexplains three villains instantly run towardsthat the building,Mr. excitedMime atis the thoughtchef of all the deliciousrestaurant. foodThe beforegirl Jessiegoes stopsonto them and reminds James and {{MTR}}explains that they havewill nonot money.only Jamesget anda Meowthgood meal, unablebut toan stopamazing inperformance time,too slam straight intoas the restaurant’sPokémon doorcan andcook fallwith dejectedlystyle. onto{{an|Brock}}, theas floor.usual, Theproclaims doorhis openslove andfor a prettythe girl, greetswho themnervously smiles and invitestries themto in,find sayinga hertable namefor is [[Rhoda]]them. RhodaBrock saysthen thathas todaya isfantasy herof restaurant'sthem grandsitting openingalone andtogether, allwith ofa thedelicious mealsmeal are free, to Teambefore Rocket'sMax delightinterrupts.
BackWhile to{{Ash}} theand heroes,his wefriends findhave Munchlax hasjust found whatthe itMr. wasMime looking forrestaurant, andTeam hasRocket stoppedis inalready frontinside ofand whatsitting appearsdown toat bethe anotherone restaurantthey discovered. MayIt blushesseems andthat saysmuch thatlike shethe knowsone howbelonging Munchlaxto feels..Rhonda, the chef is also a Pokémon. she'sThis hungrytime, tooa Sneasel. TheAs doorsthey opensit down, and athe girl mentions the Saffron Contest, and herJessie's {{p|Mrinterest perks up. Mime{{MTR}} smilesays andthat welcomeJessie is theminterested in Pokémon Contests too, sayingand herRhoda nameinstantly isruns {{ka|Rhonda}}back, shocked at the talking Pokémon. Jessie explains that that was just their stomachs growling and tells Rhoda that she is a [[MaxTop Coordinator]]. eyesRhoda theinstantly Mr.runs Mimeback withover interestto the group, andexcited theat girlmeeting explainssuch a famous person. She suddenly remembers that she must get the Mrmenu, and runs off, apologizing. MimeOver isat the kitchen, the Pokémon chef, of{{p|Sneasel}}, thelooks restauranton snickering to itself. The girlgroup goeslooks ontoover, explainsnoticing thatthe theySneasel willfor notthe onlyfirst gettime. aMeowth goodbegins mealto talk again, butand anJessie amazinghits performancehim, tootelling the cat to keep its mouth shut so as not to scare the Pokémongirl canoff cookagain, withespecially if they want free stylefood. {{an|Brock}}The Sneasel laughs again, asthis usualtime at Meowth, proclaimsand hisMeowth lovebecomes forangry theat girl,Sneasel whoand nervouslymocks it. The two Pokémon smilesargue and triesinsult toeach findother, abut tableare forstopped them.when BrockRhoda thencomes hasback ain fantasywith ofthe themmenu. sittingShe aloneexplains togetherthat her Sneasel is an amazing cook, withand aJessie deliciousand mealJames beforebecome Maxexcited interruptsat the prospect of tasting some of it.
While {{Ash}} and his friends haveare justsitting foundinside Rhonda's restaurant, waiting for the Mr.performance Mimeto restaurant,start. TeamThe Rocketcurtains isare alreadypulled insideback and sittingthe downgroup atlooks theon onein theywonder Itall seemsthe thatcooking muchequipment. likeRhonda thetells oneMr. belongingMime to Rhondastart, and the chef is also aPsychic Pokémon. Thisdoes timeso, ausing Sneasel.its AsPsychic theyabilities sitto downcook, stir, and chop the girlingredients. mentionsSneasel ahas Pokémonalready Contest,finished andcooking Jessie'sits interestmeal perksthough; {{MTR}}seems saysto thatconsist Jessieof isa interestedsimple inmeat Contestsdish too,with andsauce. RhodaTeam instantlyRocket runslook backon, shockeda atlittle theunderwhelmed talkinghaving Pokémon. Jessiebeen explainstold that thatSneasel was justan theiramazing stomachschef. growlingJames tries a little, and tellshe Rhodastarts thatto sheblush isand amarvel topat Rhodadelicious instantlythe runsfood backactually overis. toJessie thetries groupsome too, excitedand atagrees, meetingwith suchher aeyes famousbecoming personlarge and sparkly. SheMeowth, suddenly remembersseeing that sheJessie mustand getJames theseem menu,to andlike runs offit, apologizingtries some. OverHe atdoesn't the kitchen,have the Pokémonsame chef,reaction {{p|Sneasel}}however, looksand onfinds snickeringthe tofood itselfdisgusting. TheAs groupthey looksfinish their first overmeal, noticingRhoda thebrings Sneaselsome formore thefood, firstthis time meatballs. MeowthJessie beginsand toJames talktry againsome, and Jessieonce hitsagain him, tellingfind the catfood todelicious. keepMeowth itsdumps mouthhis shutmeatballs sodown ashis notthroat all in one bite, but is forced to scaredrink theall girlof offhis again,water especiallyas ifhe theyfinds want freethe food. Thealarmingly Sneaselhot. laughsSuspecting again,that thissome timetrickery atis Meowthafoot, andhe Meowthsteals becomesone angryof atJessie's Sneaselmeatballs and mockseats it. TheExpecting twoit Pokémon argue and insultto eachtaste otherhorrible, buthe's areshocked stoppedto whenfind Rhodahow comesdelicious backit in with the menuis. SheMeowth explainsinstantly thatbecomes herangry Sneasel is an amazing cookhowever, andas Jessiehe andrealizes Jamesthat becomeSneasel excitedmust athave themade prospecthis offood tastingnasty someon of itpurpose.
Back with Ash and friends, we find them sitting inside Rhonda's restaurant waiting for the performance to start. The curtains are pulled back and the group looks on in wonder at all the cooking equipment. Rhonda tells Mr. Mime to start, and the Psychic Pokémon does so, using its Psychic abilities to cook, stir, and chop the ingredients.
Sneasel has already finished cooking its meal however, which seems to consist of a simple meat dish with sauce. Team Rocket look on, a little underwhelmed having been told that Sneasel was an amazing chef. James tries a little, and he starts to blush and marvel at how delicious the food actually is. Jessie tries some too, and agrees, with her eyes becoming large and sparkly. Meowth, seeing that Jessie and James seem to like it, tries some. He doesn't have the same reaction however, and finds the food disgusting. As they finish their first meal, Rhoda brings some more food, this time meatballs. Jessie and James try some, and once again find the food delicious. Meowth dumps his meatballs down his throat all in one bite, but is forced to drink all of his water as he finds the food alarmingly hot. Suspecting that some trickery is afoot, he steals one of Jessie's meatballs and eats it. Expecting it to taste horrible, he's shocked to find how delicious it is. Meowth instantly becomes angry however, as he realizes that Sneasel must have made his food nasty on purpose.
Unlike Sneasel's rather plain-looking food, the meal that Mr. Mime has cooked up looks delicious and extremely edible. The group looks on, amazed at such an appealing meal. The group digs in as soon as their dishes are served, but instantly fall back in their chairs. Even Munchlax, who would eat nearly anything, falls over in dismay. It seems that while the food looks delicious, it actually tastes disgusting. Rhonda apologizes, and just at that moment, Meowth comes crashing through the wall followed by Sneasel. The two Pokémon are fighting, and Rhoda desperately tells Sneasel to stop, but to no avail. Sneasel jumps past her, knocking her over and into Brock's arms who mistakes her for Rhonda. The real Rhonda then runs up, wondering what her sister is doing here, and Brock looks at the two twins confused before Rhoda explains that she and Rhonda are twin sisters. It seems that the two restaurants are part of the same building, but are separated by a wall. Jessie and James walk through the hole in the wall, and the two groups are shocked to see each other. Rhoda then walks over to the meal that Rhonda's Mr. Mime created and remarks that it looks good, but doesn't taste good. She tells her sister that her Pokémon focuses way too much on putting on a show instead of making the food taste right. The two sisters argue over whether presentation or taste is most important in preparing food. Meowth then steps in and suggests a cooking competition.
That night, we find Team Rocket speakingspeaks with Rhoda., Shewho explains to them that while the food her Sneasel prepares is delicious, it has problems with making it look so and worries that it cannot put on the same performance as her sister's Mr. Mime can. Jessie and James wonder if they could help, and Rhoda excitedly says that with the help of a Top Coordinator such as Jessie, she cannot fail. Jessie smugly says that she will help, and James looks on, confused at his partner's sudden sense of good will. Jessie, sensing this, whispers in his ear that they can use this as an excuse to stick around and find a way to steal Sneasel, Mr. Mime, and Pikachu.
Meanwhile, Ash and friends are talking to Rhonda, who explains that she has the opposite of her sister's problem. While her Pokémon can make food look delicious, Mr. Mime has problems actually making it taste good. She begs Brock to help her improve Mr. Mime's cooking ability, and Brock says that he understands and will help as much as he can. Rhonda thanks him, and they instantly get to work. A little later, Mr. Mime is preparing some stew under Brock's supervision. Mr. Mime, who up until that point had been stirring the meal by itself, tries to use its Psychic power to add flavoring. Brock stops it however, explaining that it must rely on its own cooking ability, and master the art by itself without help from its Psychic powers. After all, it's trying to improve its cooking ability, not put on a performance.
As Brock explains that to Mr. Mime, Jessie is doing the same for Sneasel. Having prepared a huge block of ice, she tells the Pokémon to make a sculpture out of it. Sneasel does so, slashing at the block of ice with its claws to make an ice sculpture of itself. James remarks that it's rather small however (smaller than a salt shaker even), as they need magnifying glasses to see it.
Back with Brock and Mr. Mime, Brock tells Mr. Mime to taste the stew to check if it needs any extra flavoring. Team Rocket however, are putting ridiculous makeup on Sneasel and getting it to try on lots of different, stylish clothes.
The two Pokémon work throughout the night, perfecting their techniques.
TheMeanwhile, nextAsh and his friends are talking to dayRhonda, who explains that she has the competitionopposite beginsof her sister's problem. While her Pokémon can make food look delicious, withMr. Mime has problems actually making it taste good. She begs Brock andto Meowthhelp actingher asimprove refereesMr. andMime's Ash,cooking Mayability, Max,and JessieBrock says that he understands and Jameswill actinghelp as themuch as he tasterscan. BrockRhonda explainsthanks thathim, theand objectthey ofinstantly theget Contestto work. A little later, Mr. Mime is topreparing notsome onlystew makeunder aBrock's delicioussupervision. Mr. Mime, who up until that point had been stirring the meal by itself, buttries to alsouse putits onPsychic apower performanceto add flavoring. HeBrock tellsstops theit twohowever, Pokémonexplaining tothat it must rely on its own cooking startability, and theymaster rushthe offart toby theiritself respectivewithout foodhelp pilesfrom andits startPsychic cookingpowers. JessieAfter andall, Jamesit's wishtrying Sneaselto luckimprove its cooking ability, andnot Meowthput doeson thea sameperformance. forAs Brock explains that to Mr. Mime, butJessie is stoppeddoing bythe Brocksame whofor Sneasel. Having prepared a huge block of ice, she tells himthe thatPokémon heto mustmake remaina neutral.sculpture Theout twoof groupsit. lookSneasel ondoes amazedso, slashing at the twoblock Pokémon,of whoice bothwith seemits claws to havemake perfectedan theice thingssculpture of itself. James remarks that theit's otherrather small however (smaller than a salt shaker even), as they need magnifying glasses to couldsee doit.
TheBack Contestwith soon gets into full flow, but is stopped when a black whip grabs hold of Sneasel, Pikachu,Brock and Mr. Mime. It's Team Rocket, backBrock totells their old tricksMr. TheMime threeto Pokémontaste arethe thrownstew intoto smallcheck cagesif andit theneeds twoany villainsextra laughflavoring. TheyTeam startRocket their {{motto}}however, butare stopputting inridiculous themakeup middleon asSneasel theyand waitgetting for Meowthit to dotry hison line.lots Jessie,of angry that their performance was stoppeddifferent, whipsstylish Meowthclothes. overThe andtwo asksPokémon itwork whythroughout hethe didn'tnight, doperfecting histheir linetechniques. MeowthThe saysnext thatday, hethe wascompetition confusedbegins, aswith to why they were helping Sneasel,Brock and JamesMeowth tellsacting himas that that was just a ruse to get close to {{AP|Pikachu}}. They continuereferees and finishAsh, theirMay, mottoMax, with Meowth's spiritJessie and confidenceJames restored.acting Rhodaas asksthe whattasters. they are doing, and JessieBrock explains that thisthe wasobject theirof planthe allcontest along. Rhonda tells Team Rocketis to givenot backonly hermake anda herdelicious sister's Pokémonmeal, but Teamto Rocketalso ignoreput them and jump out of the window intoon a balloon waiting for themperformance. Ash, frustrated,He tells Pikachuthe totwo usePokémon {{m|Thunderbolt}}.to The attack is useless howeverstart, as the cage is electricity-proof. May then sends out Combusken and Brockthey sendsrush out {{TP|Brock|Mudkip}}off to usetheir a combination ofrespective {{m|Firefood Spin}}piles and {{m|Water Gun}}, but Jessie laughs as the attacks cannot reachstart themcooking. Jessie starts to mock them, twirling the key around her finger whileand James crieswish happily. Back on theSneasel ground, Rhonda tells her sister to let her handle the situationluck, and shoutsMeowth to Mr. Mime to getdoes the keysame with {{m|Trick}}.for Mr. Mime's, ladlebut endsis upstopped twirlingby aroundBrock Jessie'swho fingertells for a moment before it smacks her in the head. Grinning, Max explainshim that Trickhe switchesmust anremain opponent's tools with your ownneutral. Mr.The Mime thentwo usesgroups Psychiclook on the key toamazed openat the wholetwo cagePokémon, andwho theboth threeseem Pokémonto jumphave out,perfected butthe notthings before Sneasel slicesthat the balloonother withcould its claws, which sends Team Rocket blasting off againdo.
The contest soon gets into full flow, but is stopped when a black whip grabs hold of Sneasel, Pikachu, and Mr. Mime; it is Team Rocket. The three Pokémon landare safely,thrown into small cages and the two villains laugh. They start their Trainers{{motto}}, runbut overstop in the middle as they wait for Meowth to themdo happilyhis line. RhodaJessie, tellsangry herthat sistertheir performance was stopped, whips Meowth over and asks it why he didn't do his line. Meowth says that shehe iswas gratefulconfused as to herwhy they were helping Sneasel, and contentJames withtells handinghim fullthat controlthat ofwas just a ruse to get close to {{AP|Pikachu}}. They continue and finish their fathermotto, with Meowth's restaurantspirit overand toconfidence Rhondarestored. Rhoda apologizesasks towhat Sneaselthey are doing, and Jessie explains that this was their plan all along. Rhonda tells Team Rocket to give back her and her sister's Pokémon, but Team Rocket ignore them and jump out of the window into a balloon waiting for them. Ash, frustrated, tells Pikachu to douse {{m|Thunderbolt}}. The attack is useless however, as the cage is electricity-proof. May then sends out Combusken and Brock sends out {{TP|Brock|Mudkip}} to use a combination of {{m|Fire Spin}} and {{m|Water Gun}}, but Jessie laughs as the attacks cannot reach them. Jessie starts to mock them, twirling the key around her bestfinger while James cries happily. AsBack Rhodaon walksthe offground, Rhonda lookstells onher sadlysister to let her handle the situation, and callsshouts outto Mr. Mime to get the key with {{m|Trick}}. Mr. Mime's ladle ends up twirling around Jessie's finger for a moment before it smacks her twinin sisterthe head. RhondaGrinning, saysMax explains that thereTrick switches an opponent's notools needwith foryour herown. Mr. Mime then uses Psychic on the key to leave;open theythe canwhole runcage, and the restaurantthree togetherPokémon jump out, asbut anot before Sneasel slices the balloon with its claws, which sends Team Rocket blasting off teamagain.
The three Pokémon land safely, and their Trainers run over to them happily. Rhoda tells her sister that she is grateful to her and content with handing full control of their father's restaurant over to Rhonda. Rhoda apologizes to Sneasel, and tells her sister to do her best. As Rhoda walks off, Rhonda looks on sadly, and calls out to her twin sister. Rhonda says that there's no need for her to leave; they can run the restaurant together, as a team. The episode ends with the group sitting inside the now-combined restaurant, where Sneasel and Mr. Mime are happily working together to create a meal for the whole group to enjoy.
==Major events==
====Pokémon debuts====
* [[James]]
* [[Rhoda]]
* {{KaOBP|Rhonda|AG141}}
* [[Drew]] (fantasy)
* {{p|Munchlax}} ({{OP|May|Munchlax}})
* {{p|Mudkip}} ({{OP|Brock|Mudkip}})
* {{p|Mr. Mime}} ({{kaOBP|Rhonda|AG141}}'s)
* {{p|Sneasel}} ([[Rhoda]]'s)
* When Team Rocket{{TRT}} is in their balloon after capturing the three Pokémon, the song that [[Jessie]] sings to mock the people on the ground is to the tune of the series' ending theme, ''[[Pokémon Counting Song]]''.
* ''[[Exciting Pokémon Relay]]'' was used in the cooking competition scenes.
* NearlyThis ais weekthe before thisfinal episode's debut,which {{p|Weavile}}[[Lindsey andWarner]] {{p|Mimevoices Jr.}}[[Brock's names were released. They happen to be the evolved form and pre-evolved form of the two main Pokémon in this episodeMudkip]].
* Nearly a week before this episode debuted in {{pmin|the United States}}, {{p|Weavile}} and {{p|Mime Jr.}}'s names were released. They happen to be the evolved form and pre-evolved form of the two main Pokémon in this episode.
* The episode's title is a pun of the name of the {{wp|honors music|presidential anthem}} of the {{wp|United States}}, "{{wp|Hail to the Chief}}".
* This is the [[EP265|second time]] that {{MTR}} has been worried about being replaced by a {{p|Sneasel}}.
* In the end of their {{motto}}, Team Rocket are standing on a CGI animated food portion.
* In one scene during the {{motto}}, [[James]]'s hair is not completely drawn and colored.
* In one shot, Ash and company are wondering when {{p|Mr. Mime}}'s show will begin and they will be served food, even though food is already on the table. The food disappears in the next shot.
* In the {{pmin|Latin AmericanAmerica}}n dub, Mr. Mime is called "Señor Mime",. This previously happenhappened in ''[[SS004|Showdown at the Oak Corral]]'' and ''[[AG132|The Scheme Team]]''.
===Dub edits===
|zh_cmn={{tt|狃拉與吸盤魔偶!餐廳屬於誰的!?|Sneasel vs. Mr. Mime! Who Owns the Restaurant!?}}
|nl={{tt|Voor het keukenblok!|For the Kitchen!}}
|da={{tt|For mange kokke!|Too many cooks!}}
|de={{tt|Duell am Herd!|Duel at the cooker!}}
|fi={{tt|Hurraa kokille!|Hooray to the chef!}}
|fr_eu={{tt|Un combat de chefs|A battle of chefs}}
|he={{tt|קרב השפים|The Battle of the Chefs}}
|hi=खाना और खज़ाना {{tt|''Khaana aur Khazana''|Food and Treasure}}{{tt|*|Disney XD dub}}
|it={{tt|Gara di cucina|Bake-off}}
|ko={{tt|마임맨과 포푸니의 요리 대결!|Mr. Mime and Sneasel's Cooking Showdown!}}
|no={{tt|Hyllest til kokken!|Hail to the chef!}}
|pt_br={{tt|Salve o Chefe!|Save the Chef!}}
|ru={{tt|Слава шеф-повару|Hail the chef}}
|es_la={{tt|¡Vivan los chefs!|Long live the chefs!}}
|es_eu={{tt|Felicitaciones al chef|Congratulations to the chef}}
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