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In other languages: The capitalization has been "Key Items" since DPPt
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'''Key Items''' (Japanese: '''{{ruby|大切|たいせつ}}なもの''' ''indispensable items'') are special [[item]]s that players can only obtain once, and either aid the progression of the storyline or allow access to new areas. They rarely have anything to do with the player's {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}, and are mostly specific to the different {{pkmn|games}}. The items cannot be bought or sold at [[Poké Mart]]s, disposed of, or given to Pokémon to hold. Since [[Generation II]], these items have been given their own classification, and have been stored in a separate pocket in the [[Bag]].
==Obtaining Key Items==
*[[List of key items in Generation VI|In Generation VI]]
==In other languagueslanguages==
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