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Ash and Gym Leaders: new section
Perhaps the page should mention that rematches are not possible and Black and White? [[User:RS89|RS89]] ([[User talk:RS89|talk]]) 05:37, 21 November 2012 (UTC)
:You can rebattle the [[Elite Four]] and [[Alder|Champion]] as always, and both [[Cheren]] and [[Bianca]] are available for rematches on certain days of the week. I don't know about regular Trainers or Gym Leaders though. [[Special:Contributions/GamerGeek|<span style="color:aqua">☆</span>]][[User:GamerGeek|<span style="color:teal">Gamer</span>]][[User talk:GamerGeek|<span style="color:gold">Geek</span>]][[Special:Contributions/GamerGeek|<span style="color:aqua">☆</span>]] 07:00, 13 December 2012 (UTC)
== Ash and Gym Leaders ==
Okay, I might be wrong on some [or most] of these battles, but I need to put them out there. In Ash's first gym battle with Brock, didn't Brock say to stop the match? Wouldn't that count as a forfeit? Then in Ash's match with Sabrina, doesn't Pikachu get knocked out before Ash could announce his forfeit? Lastly [in Kanto], didn't Squirtle and Pikachu both faint against Magmar? We now travel to Sinnoh. Didn't Ash use 3 Pokémon against Gardenia in their first match, while she only used Turtwig? Also, didn't Fantina use Mismagius, Gengar and Drifloon [before Drifloon evolved] against Pikachu, Buizel and Chimchar in their first match? We now head to Unova. Didn't Ash also lose to Cheren, despite the fact that he [Ash] wasn't facing him [Cheren] for a Basic Badge? Lastly, in Kalos, didn't Ash lose to Grant, too? Please clear this up! Many thanks. [[User:WATERWARRIOR67|<span style="color: #000080">WATER</span>]][[User talk:WATERWARRIOR67|<span style="color: #4cbb17">Warrior</span>]]<span style="color: #000080">6</span><span style="color: #4cbb17">7</span> 21:39, 15 July 2015 (UTC)