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Latolato Trail

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jap=RatoratoLatolato Mountain Path
'''Latolato Trail''' (Japanese: '''ラトラトさんどう''' ''RatoratoLatolato Mountain Path'') is a location in {{g|Ranger: Guardian Signs}}.
It is located north of [[Rand's House]], south of [[Mt. Latolato]] and west of [[Hinder Cape]] on [[Renbow Island]]. A field of [[Gracidea]]s can be seen after crossing the river using {{p|Suicune}}.
==Nick's Bridge==
The Redred-and-Whitewhite Stripedstriped bridge about half-wayhalfway through the trail is a bridge built by {{ra|Nick}} that (previous to the [[Ranger Quest|quest]]: "Ralph's Bright Idea) had no name. But duringDuring the quest "Ralph's Bright Idea", it is found out that {{ra|Ralph}} and [[Nema]] both named the bridge Thethe "Over the creek in the Green forest, the red-and-white-striped wonderfully crafted, Raikou Safe with no creaking renowned all over the world for connecting Yesterday and Tomorrow and Proudly-Built-by-Nick Bridge".
{{obliviapkmn/f|492|Shaymin|Grass|No|yes|Boss in a Special Mission only}}
==In other languages==
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