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* In this episode, most of the background music present in the Japanese version is replaced with dub music.
* Like in the past three episodes, the title card is lacking the characters's shadows in the dub for an unknown reason.
* The title card was skipped in the Hindi dub as they skipped the theme song too. The reasons for skipping the theme song is that [[Pokémon in South Asia|Hungama TV]] (who airs the season in [[Pokémon in South Asia|India]]) were unable to replace the [[Media:Pokémon the Series XY logo.png|original logo]] in the theme song with [[Media:Pokemon XY logo India.png|the logo they use in the episodes]] (in promos and in [[Who's that Pokémon]] segment) as it's animation is tough for the channel and they want to replace it due to currently someFor unknown issues. The reasons for skipping, the title card along with the theme song too is that it getswas skipped asin the themeHindi song length is shorter (i.e. of 30 seconds) than the theme songs made by [[4Kids Entertainment]] (which used to be of 1 minute or of 47 seconds long) and there computer system is such that to skip a part of episode, it should be more than 30 seconds and that is why they skip the title card too along with the theme songdub.
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