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'''Zukan SP01''' (Japanese: '''立体ポケモン図鑑SPECIAL01 ファイアレッド&リーフグリーンVer.''' ''Three-dimensional {{tt|Pokémon Zukan|Pokédex}} SPECIAL01 FireRed & LeafGreen Ver.'') is the first collection of figures in the SP Edition of [[Pokémon Zukan figures]]. It encompasses seven different capsules, each one focusing on Pokémon available in the{{game|FireRed [[Listand of Pokémon by Kanto Pokédex numberLeafGreen|Kanto Pokédex]]s}}, and was released in March 2004.<ref>[ Zukan SP01] (retrieved July 9, 2015)</ref>
|background={{FireRed color}}
|border={{LeafGreen color}}
|image1=RSE Special C7.jpg|caption1=Capsule One1<br/>{{p|Bulbasaur}}, {{p|Ivysaur}}, and {{p|Venusaur}}
|image2=RSE Special C6.jpg|caption2=Capsule Two2<br/>{{p|Charmander}}, {{p|Charmeleon}}, and {{p|Charizard}}
|image3=RSE Special C5.jpg|caption3=Capsule Three3<br/>{{p|Squirtle}}, {{p|Wartortle}}, and {{p|Blastoise}}
|image4=RSE Special C4.jpg|caption4=Capsule Four4<br/>{{p|Meowth}}, {{p|Persian}}, {{p|Ekans}}, and {{p|Arbok}}
|image5=RSE Special C3.jpg|caption5=Capsule Five5<br/>{{p|Bellsprout}}, {{p|Weepinbell}}, and {{p|Victreebel}}
|image6=RSE Special C2.jpg|caption6=Capsule Six6<br/>{{p|Growlithe}} and {{p|Arcanine}}
|image7=RSE Special C1.jpg|caption7=Capsule Seven7<br/>{{p|Electabuzz}} and {{p|Scyther}}
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