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more discussion on glitched kangaskhan
(more discussion on glitched kangaskhan)
: replying to my own comment so that it shows on the recent changes. trying again [[User:DJLO|DJLO]] ([[User talk:DJLO|talk]]) 22:12, 4 July 2015 (UTC)
::With glitches that allow arbitrary code execution, any Pokémon could learn any move. If you're willing to use glitches, there's not much of a limit to what you can do. --[[User:Abcboy|Abcboy]] ([[User talk:Abcboy|talk]]) 19:44, 6 July 2015 (UTC)
::: is that what this is though? i genuinely dont know but i think this is a much more simple, straightforward glitch that doesnt have to do with executing arbitrary code. the fact of the matter is we have several glitch pokemon and their movesets shown. why not add the pokemon that they evolve into? we wouldnt have to go as far as listing every possible pokemon-with-weird-moves, because like you said that list could be near infinite. but adding these few seems reasonable.