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Mega Evolution

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Mega Evolutions play a role in this game. Before they can be initiated, the Mega forms must be defeated to obtain their respective [[Mega Stone]]s. A gauge may be filled by matching the respective Pokémon or a Pokémon with the same [[type]] and the skill Mega Boost. After it fills, each of the indicated species' pieces will change to a special piece according to the species. Effects for each Mega form vary for each species.
The following Mega Stones are available, in the order received: Audinite, Kangaskhanite, Sablenite, Slowbronite, Lopunnite, Altarianite, Mawilite, Ampharosite, Glalitite, Gengarite, Mewtwonite Y, Aerodactylite, and AerodactyliteHeracronite. Lucarionite, Blastoisinite, Banettite, Venusaurite, and VenusauriteManectite were distributed in events.
====Mega Effects====
| Mega {{p|Aerodactyl}}
! [[File:Shuffle142M.png|40px|link=Gengar (Pokémon)]]
|Erases rocks and blocks (max 10), and also does damage to the foe.<!--
| Mega {{p|VenusaurHeracross}}
! [[File:Shuffle003MShuffle214M.png|40px|link=VenusaurHeracross (Pokémon)]]
| Mega {{p|Charizard}} X
| Mega {{p|Scizor}}
! [[File:Shuffle212M.png|40px|link=Scizor (Pokémon)]]
| Mega {{p|Heracross}}
! [[File:Shuffle214M.png|40px|link=Heracross (Pokémon)]]
! [[File:Shuffle354M.png|40px|link=Banette (Pokémon)]]
|Clears one kind of Pokémon with the same type as Mega Banette (max 10).
|Mega {{p|Venusaur}}
! [[File:Shuffle003M.png|40px|link=Venusaur (Pokémon)]]
|Erases all Pokémon in the five columns to the left and right.
|Mega {{p|Manectric}}