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Frosty Forest

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In the manga: expansion
==In the manga==
[[File:GRT4Frosty Forest GRT.png|thumb|150px|GinjiFrosty andForest Mudkipin trekkingPokémon throughMystery theDungeon: FrostGinji's ForestRescue Team]]
===In the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ginji's Rescue Team manga===
[[Ginji]] and {{OBP|Mudkip|Ginji's Rescue Team}} traveled through the Frosty Forest on their way to meet {{p|Ninetales}} in ''[[GRT4|Battle in a Bitter Cold Land!!]]''. Along the way, they met {{p|Absol}}. At first, Absol as scared of Ginji because of the rumour that he was the cursed [[human]] causing natural disasters, but when Ginji and Mudkip explained it that they were on their way to meet {{p|Ninetales}} to find out the truth, Absol calmed down as it too understood what it felt like to be blamed for causing natural disasters for no good reason. Soon after, Ginji and Mudkip encountered {{p|Articuno}}, which {{DL|Team Meanies|In the manga|Gengar}} had convinced to attack Ginji. Thankfully, Absol then arrived and convinced Articuno that everything about Ginji was just rumours, and that a much bigger power would be at work behind everything. Waiting nearby, Gengar decided to stop Ginji on his own, and used a {{DL|Throwing item|Gravelerock}} to start an avalanche. However, the Pokémon below were saved when Articuno used {{m|Sheer Cold}} to stop the mass of snow, allowing Ginji and Mudkip to continue their travel to the [[Magma Cavern]] to meet Ninetales.
* The music that plays in Frosty Grotto is the music with the most dungeons that it is played in, with nine (itself, [[Northwind Field]], [[Mt. Faraway]], [[Western Cave]], [[Northern Range]], [[Buried Relic]], [[Grand Sea]], [[Waterfall Pond]], and [[Far-off Sea]]).