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|mapdesc=A sinister and menacing laboratory that was built in the desert without notice.{{sup/ss|Colo}}<br/>A secret lab run by the criminal syndicate <sc>Cipher</sc> to study and develop <sc>Shadow Pok</sc>é<sc>mon</sc>.{{sup/ss|Colo}}<br/><sc>Cipher</sc>'s old lab back in operation. <sc>Prof. Krane</sc> may be held here.{{sup/ss|XD}}<br/>The lab used by the reactivated <sc>Cipher</sc> for developing XD001.{{sup/ss|XD}}
|translated_name={{tt|Shadow|Cipher}} Lab
|image=Shadow PKMNCipher Lab.png
|other_info=Mystery Lab/Shadow Pokémon Lab
|location=Central Orre
|map=Orre Shadow PKMNCipher Lab Map.png
In {{g|Colosseum}}, the newly-constructed laboratory has several levels and seven {{tc|Cipher Peon}}s, including [[Skrub]] guarding the lab from intruders. Several {{tc|Scientist|Researchers}} also populate the lab and will attempt to stop intruders from interfering. The elevators and security doors create a maze-like pathway. In addition, an alarm system is in place to alert seen intruders.
The only way to enter Ein's private laboratory is to enter the names of the three {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} whose DNA is hidden throughout the Shadow PokémonCipher Lab.
Beneath the laboratory is the end of [[the Under Subway]].
|location=Shadow PokémonCipher Lab
|location=Shadow PokémonCipher Lab