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Appendix:Emerald walkthrough/Section 15

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Now that you can use Dive (optional)
==EverShoal Grande CityCave (Pokémon Center sideoptional)==
[[File:EverShoal GrandeCave Cityentrance high tide E.png|thumb|200px|left|EverShoal Cave, Entrance Grande(high Citytide)]]
[[File:Shoal Cave entrance low tide E.png|thumb|Shoal Cave, Entrance (low tide)]]
[[File:Shoal Cave inner room high tide E.png|left|thumb|Shoal Cave, Second Cavern (high tide)]]
[[File:Shoal Cave inner room low tide E.png|thumb|Shoal Cave, Second Cavern (low tide)]]
[[File:Shoal Cave ice room E.png|thumb|left|Shoal Cave, Ice Cavern (low tide)]]
[[File:Shoal Cave lower room E.png|thumb|Shoal Cave, Third Cavern (low tide)]]
[[File:Shoal Cave stairs room E.png|thumb|Shoal Cave, Fourth Cavern (low tide)]]
Connected to the ocean, the appearance of [[Shoal Cave]] changes with the {{DL|Shoal Cave|tides}}. Seawater floods the cave during high tide, closing off some areas and opening others. It then drains away during low tide, revealing new areas for exploration. The tides change every six hours, at 3:00 and 9:00.
{| class="expandable" alignstyle="center"margin: auto; style="background: #{{emerald color lightlocationcolor/med|cave}}; {{roundy}}; border: 5px solid #{{emerald colorlocationcolor/light|cave}};"
|- align="center"
! Available Pokémon
{| class="expandable" style="margin: auto; background: #{Catch{locationcolor/headermed|{{#switch: {{#time: g}}|9|10|11|12|1|2=water|nocave}}}}; {{roundy}}; border: 5px solid #{{locationcolor/light|{{#switch: {{#time: g}}|9|10|11|12|1|2=water|cave}}}};"
|- align="center"
! Main Cave
{{Catch/header|{{#switch: {{#time: g}}|9|10|11|12|1|2=water|cave}}|no}}
{{Catch/entry3|363|Spheal|no|no|yes|Cave|26, 28, 30, 32|50%|type1=Ice|type2=Water}}
{{Catch/entry3|041|Zubat|no|no|yes|Cave|26, 28, 30, 32|45%|type1=Poison|type2=Flying}}
{{Catch/entry3|129|Magikarp|no|no|yes|Fish Old|5-10|70%|type1=Water}}
{{Catch/entry3|072|Tentacool|no|no|yes|Fish Old|5-10|30%|type1=Water|type2=Poison}}
{{catchCatch/entry3|129|Magikarp|no|no|yes|Fish Good|10-30|60%|type1=Water}}
{{Catch/entry3|072|Tentacool|no|no|yes|Fish Good|10-30|20%|type1=Water|type2=Poison}}
{{Catch/entry3|320|Wailmer|no|no|yes|Fish Good|10-30|20%|type1=Water}}
{{Catch/entry3|370320|LuvdiscWailmer|no|no|yes|Fish GoodSuper|1020-3045|20100%|type1=Water}}
{{Catch/entry3footer|320{{#switch: {{#time: g}}|Wailmer9|no10|no11|yes12|Fish Super1|30-45|45%|type12=Waterwater|cave}}}}
{{Catch/entry3|370|Luvdisc|no|no|yes|Fish Super|30-35|40%|type1=Water}}
{| class="expandable" style="margin: auto; background: #{{Catchlocationcolor/entry3med|222|Corsola|no|no|yes|Fishice}}; Super{{roundy}}; border: 5px solid #{{locationcolor/light|30-35|15%|type1=Water|type2=Rockice}};"
{{Catch/footer|water}}- align="center"
! Icy Cavern
{{Catch/entry3|363|Spheal|no|no|yes|Cave|26, 28, 30, 32|45%|type1=Ice|type2=Water}}
{{Catch/entry3|041|Zubat|no|no|yes|Cave|26, 28, 30|40%|type1=Poison|type2=Flying}}
{{Catch/entry3|361|Snorunt|no|no|yes|Cave|26, 28, 30|10%|type1=Ice}}
{{Catch/entry3|042|Golbat|no|no|yes|Cave|30, 32|5%|type1=Poison|type2=Flying}}
{| class="expandable" style="margin: auto; background: #{{locationcolor/med|cave}}; {{roundy}}; border: 5px solid #{{locationcolor/light|cave}};"
|- align="center"
! Items
{{catch/div|cave|All times}}
{{itemlist|Shell Bell|Entrance, from the old man after handing over four [[Shoal Shell]]s and four [[Shoal Salt]]s|E=yes}}
{{catch/div|water|High tide}}
{{itemlist|Rare Candy|Second Cavern, east of the central ladder|E=yes}}
{{itemlist|Big Pearl|Entrance; northeast ledge, accessible from second cavern|E=yes}}
{{itemlist|Shoal Shell|
* Second Cavern, near the southern bridge
* Second Cavern, northwest corner
* Second Cavern, northeast corner
* Second Cavern, southeast corner|E=yes|display=[[Shoal Shell]] ×4}}
{{catch/div|sand|Low tide}}
{{itemlist|Shoal Salt|
* Fourth Cavern, southeast corner
* Third Cavern, north-central area
* Second Cavern, southwest area
* Second Cavern, under the north bridge|E=yes|display=[[Shoal Salt]] ×4}}
{{itemlist|Ice Heal|Fourth Cavern, southeast corner|E=yes}}
{{itemlist|Focus Band|Third Cavern, from the Black Belt|E=yes}}
{{itemlist|Never-Melt Ice|Ice Cavern, south end of the central plateau|E=yes|display=[[Never-Melt Ice|NeverMeltIce]]}}
{{itemlist|TM Ice|Ice Cavern, atop the ledge|E=yes|display={{TM|07|Hail}}}}
You===High will need to teach {{m|Waterfall}} to one of your Pokémon in order to get to this city (the HM for Waterfall is obtained from Wallace after {{p|Kyogre}} and {{p|Groudon}} have stopped fighting).tide===
An old man in the entry chamber offers to make a [[Shell Bell]] for your Pokémon. But first, he needs you to collect some of the cave's natural resources: [[Shoal Shell]]s and [[Shoal Salt]]s. These items are replenished each day, so there's no limit to the number you can collect. Once you hand over four of each item, he crafts the health-restoring item for you. Surf northwest and take the doorway there to reach the next chamber.
There's====Second nothing here except a cave entrance and a Pokémon Center. Enter to Pokémon Center and you will see [[Scott]] so talk to him. Heal up before you head into the cave— it's {{ho|Victory Road}}, your final challenge before you face the [[Elite Four]] and [[Wallace|Champion]] at the {{ho|Pokémon League}}.Cavern====
Surf along the water in a clockwise direction, collecting the four Shoal Shells and a [[Rare Candy]] on the way. Take the southeast doorway back to the entrance, where you can collect a [[Big Pearl]] on the nearby ledge.
==Victory=Low Roadtide===
[[File:Victory Road 1F E.png|270px|thumb|Victory Road 1F]]====Entrance====
An old man in the entry chamber offers to make a [[File:VictoryShell RoadBell]] B1Ffor Eyour Pokémon.png|270px|left|thumb|Victory RoadBut B1Ffirst, he needs you to collect some of the cave's natural resources: [[Shoal Shell]]s and [[Shoal Salt]]s. These items are replenished each day, so there's no limit to the number you can collect. Once you hand over four of each item, he crafts the health-restoring item for you. Head through the north doorway to reach the next chamber.
[[File:Victory Road B2F E.png|270px|thumb|Victory Road B2F]]
'''In order to get through this cave, you will need {{m|Strength}}, {{m|Rock Smash}}, {{m|Surf}}, {{m|Flash}}, and {{m|Waterfall}}.''' There are high-leveled Pokémon and tough Trainers here. '''Don't continue unless your Pokémon are at least level 45.''' Bring a lot of healing items, because you will need them! Bring a lot of [[Super Potion]]s and several [[Hyper Potion]]s, as well as a few [[Full Heal]]s. Don't buy [[Max Potion]]s or [[Full Restore]]s because they are expensive. You'll want to explore every inch of this cave to get all the items and to train enough for the {{ho|Pokémon League}}.====Second Cavern====
Head up the stairway, go north and climb down the east-central ladder.
====Fourth Cavern====
Grab the Shoal Salt and [[Ice Heal]], then climb the hill to the ladder in the northwest.
{| align="center" class="expandable"==Second styleCavern===="background: #{{emerald color light}}; -moz-border-radius: 1em; border: 5px solid #{{emerald color}};"
Go west then south along the two bridges, then climb down the ladder in the center.
====Third Cavern====
Head east to meet a Black Belt and receive a [[Focus Band]] from him. Continue east to find another Shoal Salt, then use {{m|Strength}} to move the boulder eastward and descend the ladder to the south.
====Ice Cavern====
The final cavern is permanently encased in ice, and the slick floors hinder travel. Go south from the ladder, across two ice patches. At the third ice patch, slide west to the second snow patch within it. Slide north, then west and south to the third small snow patch. Slide south, east, then north to continue on. Slide north to the snow patch near the narrow stairway. Move west then south to a rock, then east and north to the central plateau and the [[Never-Melt Ice|NeverMeltIce]] on its south end. Slide south from the narrow stairway, then west and north to reach the northwest corner. Go east then south to a snow patch, then north to a rock near the room's northwest corner. Head east, south, and west, then move north, west, south, and west to the small snow patch. Slide north, east, then south to reach {{TM|07|Hail}} and jump the ledge to return to the ladder.
==Now that you can use Dive (optional)==
There are many [[underwater]] treasures (as well as three underwater Pokémon) beneath the [[Abandoned Ship]] and {{rt|124|Hoenn}} you can collect. All underwater areas with seaweed have the same [[wild Pokémon]].
{| class="expandable" style="margin: auto; background: #{{locationcolor/med|ocean}}; {{roundy}}; border: 5px solid #{{locationcolor/light|ocean}};"
|- align="center"
! Underwater
{| class="expandable" style="margin: auto; background: #{{locationcolor/med|ocean}}; {{roundy}}; border: 5px solid #{{locationcolor/light|ocean}};"
|- align="center"
! Route 124
{{catch/div|ocean|Above water (requires {{mcolor|Surf|000}}, {{mcolor|Dive|000}})}}
{{itemlist|Blue Shard|Shallow water, accessed by surfacing in the west-southwest Dive spot|E=yes}}
{{itemlist|Yellow Shard|Shallow water, accessed by surfacing in the northeast Dive spot|E=yes}}
{{itemlist|Red Shard|Shallow water, accessed by surfacing in the northwest Dive spot|E=yes}}
{{catch/div|underwater|Underwater (requires {{mcolor|Surf|000}}, {{mcolor|Dive|000}})}}
{{itemlist|Carbos|Clearing in the seaweed patch in the S-shaped trench (hidden)|E=yes}}
{{itemlist|Calcium|In the dark spot directly beneath the north-central Dive spot (hidden)|E=yes}}
{{itemlist|Heart Scale|
* In the dark spot directly beneath the Dive spot nearest Mossdeep City (hidden)
* Directly beneath the Dive spot near the route's center (hidden)|E=yes|display=[[Heart Scale]] ×2}}
{{itemlist|Pearl|In the dark spot directly beneath the second Dive spot north-northwest of the Treasure Hunter's house (hidden)|E=yes|display={{i|Pearl}}}}
{{itemlist|Big Pearl|In the dark spot directly beneath the larger Dive spot southwest of the Treasure Hunter's house (hidden)|E=yes}}
{{itemlist|Green Shard|Beneath the smaller Dive spot near Lilycove City, in a clearing in the seaweed patch (hidden)|E=yes}}
===Abandoned Ship===
[[File:Abandoned Ship B1F and rooms RSE.png|thumb|left|Abandoned Ship, B1F]]
[[File:Abandoned Ship UF RSE.png|thumb|Abandoned Ship, underwater hallway]]
[[File:Abandoned Ship HF and rooms RSE.png|thumb|Abandoned Ship, hidden floor]]
Now that you can use both {{m|Surf}} and {{m|Dive}}, you can navigate the sunken vessel's entire structure.
{| class="expandable" style="margin: auto; background: #{{locationcolor/med|ocean}}; {{roundy}}; border: 5px solid #{{locationcolor/light|ocean}};"
|- align="center"
! Items
{{itemlist|Key to Room 1|Room 3, northeast corner (hidden)|E=yes|display=[[Key to Room 1|Rm. 1 Key]]}}
{{itemlist|Water Stone|Room 3|E=yes}}
{{itemlist|Key to Room 4|Room 1, near the west wall (hidden)|E=yes|display=[[Key to Room 4|Rm. 4 Key]]}}
{{itemlist|TM Water|Room 1|E=yes|display={{TM|18|Rain Dance}}}}
{{itemlist|Key to Room 6|Room 4, in the trash can (hidden)|E=yes|display=[[Key to Room 6|Rm. 6 Key]]}}
{{itemlist|Luxury Ball|Room 6|E=yes|display={{ball|Luxury}}}}
{{itemlist|Key to Room 2|Room 5, three step south of the left-hand trash can (hidden)|E=yes|display=[[Key to Room 2|Rm. 2 Key]]}}
{{itemlist|Scanner|Room 2|E=yes}}
Head for the south-central cabin. Seawater has flooded into the room, so use {{m|Dive}} to traverse an underwater hallway that leads to an isolated part of the ship.
====Hidden Floor====
This part of the ship has six cabins. Rooms 1-3 are located on the south side, and Rooms 4-6 are found to the north. Four of these rooms are locked, and although Room 5 is unlocked, there is debris blocking the door.
Enter Room 3 to see a sparkle on the floor; this signifies a hidden item. Pick up the [[Key to Room 1|Rm. 1 Key]] from the northeast corner, and the [[Water Stone]] to the left before leaving.
There are two hidden items in Room 1. The [[Key to Room 4|Rm. 4 Key]] is located near the west wall, while the other item is just trash. The visible item is {{TM|18|Rain Dance}}.
In Room 4, inspect the trash can in the northeast corner to find the [[Key to Room 1|Rm. 6 Key]].
Enter Room 6 and collect the {{ball|Luxury}}, then use the narrow hallway to reach the adjoining room. Room 5 has three pieces of trash and one item; the [[Key to Room 1|Rm. 2 Key]] is located three steps south of the left-hand trash can.
Visit Room 2 to find the [[Scanner]]. If you show this to the Scientist in the Captain's office, he asks you to take it to Captain Stern back in {{DL|Slateport City|Slateport Harbor}}. Once there, Stern offers to trade either a [[Deep Sea Tooth|DeepSeaTooth]] or a [[Deep Sea Scale|DeepSeaScale]] for it. The DeepSeaTooth doubles a {{p|Clamperl}}'s {{stat|Special Attack}} when held, and triggers Clamperl's evolution into {{p|Huntail}} when traded. The DeepSeaScale doubles a Clamperl's {{stat|Special Defense}} when held, and triggers its evolution into {{p|Gorebyss}} when traded.
==Route 127==
[[File:Hoenn Route 127 underwater E.png|thumb|left|Route 127, Underwater]]
[[File:Hoenn Route 127 E.png|thumb|Route 127, Surface]]
{{rt|127|Hoenn}} links [[Mossdeep City]] with {{rt|126|Hoenn}} to the west and {{rt|128|Hoenn}} to the south. Explore the area quickly on your way southward in pursuit of Team Aqua!
{| class="expandable" style="margin: auto; background: #{{locationcolor/med|ocean}}; {{roundy}}; border: 5px solid #{{locationcolor/light|ocean}};"
|- align="center"
! Trainers
{{trainerentry|Spr RS CooltrainerBird MKeeper.png|CooltrainerBird Keeper|AlbertAidan|20641024<br><small>Potential [[Double Battle]] with Athena</small>|2|082277|MagnetonSwellow||4332||089227|MukSkarmory|♂|43|32|}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Cooltrainer F.png|Cooltrainer|HopeAthena|21601536<br><small>Potential [[Double Battle]] with Aidan</small>|12|315310|RoseliaManectric|♀|4532||264|Linoone|♀|32|}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Cooltrainer FFisherman.png|CooltrainerFisherman|ShannonJonah|21601280|13|344320|ClaydolWailmer||4530||072|Tentacool|♂|31||319|Sharpedo|♂|32|}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Cooltrainer MFisherman.png|CooltrainerFisherman|SamuelRoger|20161400|3|277129|SwellowMagikarp|♂|4215||303129|MawileMagikarp|♂|4225||064130|KadabraGyarados|♂|42|35|}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Cooltrainer FFisherman.png|CooltrainerFisherman|JulieHenry|20161360|32|028318|SandslashCarvanha||4231||038073|NinetalesTentacruel|♀|42||357|Tropius|♀|42|34|}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS CooltrainerTriathlete Swimmer M.png|Cooltrainer|Owen|2016|3|352|Kecleon|♂Triathlete|42Camden|1320|0752|Graveler120|Staryu|42|33|321|Wailord120|Staryu|42|33|}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS CooltrainerBlack FBelt.png|Cooltrainer|Dianne|2064<br/><small>PotentialBlack [[Double Battle]] with Felix</small>|2|344|ClaydolBelt|Koji|431088|1|171067|LanturnMachoke||4334||38=Nav}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Cooltrainer M.png|Cooltrainer|Felix|2064<br/><small>Potential [[Double Battle]] with Dianne</small>|2|308|Medicham|♂|43||344|Claydol||43|trainerdiv|ocean}}
{{trainerdivtrainerentry|Spr RS Triathlete Swimmer F.png|Triathlete|Donny|1360|2|278|Wingull|♀|26||120|Staryu||34|cave}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Cooltrainer F.png|Cooltrainer|Caroline|2064|2|227|Skarmory|♀|43||302|Sableye|♀|43catch/div|ocean|Rematch}}
{{trainerdivtrainerentry|caveSpr RS Black Belt.png|Black Belt|Koji{{tt|*|First rematch}}|1184|2|067|Machoke|♂|37||067|Machoke|♂|37||38=Nav}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS CooltrainerBlack MBelt.png|Cooltrainer|[[WinstrateBlack familyBelt|Vito]]Koji{{tt|2016*|4Second rematch}}|0851248|Dodrio3|296|42||064|KadabraMakuhita|♂|4239||101067|ElectrodeMachoke||4239||275067|ShiftryMachoke|♂|4239||38=Nav}}
{{trainerdivtrainerentry|caveSpr RS Black Belt.png|Black Belt|Koji{{tt|*|Third rematch}}|1312|3|297|Hariyama|♂|41||067|Machoke|♂|41||067|Machoke|♂|41||38=Nav}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS CooltrainerBlack FBelt.png|CooltrainerBlack Belt|MichelleKoji{{tt|*|Fourth rematch onwards}}|20161376|3|324297|TorkoalHariyama||4243||308068|MedichamMachamp||4243||272068|LudicoloMachamp||4243||38=Nav}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Cooltrainer M.png|Cooltrainer|Mitchell|2064<br/><small>Potential [[Double Battle]] with Halle</small>|2|337|Lunatone||43||338|Solrock||43||}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Cooltrainer F.png|Cooltrainer|Halle|2064<br/><small>Potential [[Double Battle]] with Mitchell</small>|2|302|Sableye|♀|43||359|Absol|♀|43||}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Cooltrainer M.png|Cooltrainer|Edgar|2064|2|332|Cacturne|♂|43||279|Pelipper|♂|43||}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Cooltrainer F.png|Cooltrainer|Katelynn|2064<br/><small>Potential [[Double Battle]] with Quincy</small>|2|282|Gardevoir|♀|43||289|Slaking|♀|43||}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Cooltrainer M.png|Cooltrainer|Quincy|2064<br/><small>Potential [[Double Battle]] with Katelynn</small>|2|289|Slaking|♂|43||356|Dusclops|♂|43||}}
{| class="expandable" alignstyle="center"margin: auto; style="background: #{{emerald color lightlocationcolor/med|ocean}}; -moz-border-radius: 1em{{roundy}}; border: 5px solid #{{emerald colorlocationcolor/light|ocean}};"
|- align="center"
! Available Pokémon
{{Catchcatch/entry3|042072|GolbatTentacool|no|no|yes|CaveSurf|38, 405-35|2560%|type1=PoisonWater|type2=FlyingPoison}}
{{Catchcatch/entry3|297278|HariyamaWingull|no|no|yes|CaveSurf|38, 4010-30|2535%|type1=FightingWater|type2=Flying}}
{{Catchcatch/entry3|296129|MakuhitaMagikarp|no|no|yes|Cave|36Fish Old|5-10|70%|type1=FightingWater}}
{{Catchcatch/entry3|305072|LaironTentacool|no|no|yes|Cave|40Fish Old|5-10|30%|type1=SteelWater|type2=RockPoison}}
{{Catchcatch/entry3|293129|WhismurMagikarp|no|no|yes|CaveFish Good|3610-30|560%|type1=Water}}
{{Catchcatch/entry3|304072|AronTentacool|no|no|yes|CaveFish Good|3610-30|520%|type1=SteelWater|type2=RockPoison}}
{{Catchcatch/footerentry3|cave320|Wailmer|no|no|yes|Fish Good|10-30|20%|type1=Water}}
{{catch/entry3|320|Wailmer|no|no|yes|Fish Super|25-45|60%|type1=Water}}
{{catch/entry3|319|Sharpedo|no|no|yes|Fish Super|30-35|40%|type1=Water|type2=Dark}}
{| class="expandable" style="margin: auto; background: #{{locationcolor/med|ocean}}; {{roundy}}; border: 5px solid #{{locationcolor/light|ocean}};"
|- align="center"
! Items
{{itemlist|Zinc|In the northwestern-most patch of shallow water|E=yes}}
{{itemlist|Rare Candy|South side of the tree-covered northwest island|E=yes}}
{{itemlist|Carbos|South end of the isolated grove, accessed via Dive spot near the southeast island|E=yes}}
{{itemlist|Star Piece|Main area's center-west branch, on a small rock (hidden)|E=yes}}
{{itemlist|Heart Scale|Main area's center trench, on small rock to the south (hidden)|E=yes}}
{{itemlist|HP Up|Main area's center-east branch, on a small rock (hidden)|E=yes}}
{{itemlist|Red Shard|Isolated eastern trench, on a small rock (hidden)|E=yes}}
'''B1F'''==Route 128==
{{Catch/header[[File:Hoenn Route 128 RSE.png|cavethumb|no}}250px|Route 128]]
{{Catch/entry3[[File:Hoenn Route 128 underwater RSE.png|042thumb|Golbat250px|noleft|no|yes|Cave|38,Route 40128, 42|35%|type1=Poison|type2=Flying}}Underwater]]
{{Catch/entry3|297|Hariyama|no|no|yes|Cave|38, 40, 42|35%|type1=Fighting}}
{{Catch/entry3|305|Lairon|no|no|yes|Cave|40, 42|25%|type1=Steel|type2=Rock}}
{{Catch/div|cave|Rock Smash}}
{{Catch/entry3|074|Geodude|no|no|yes|Rock Smash|30-40|70%|type1=Rock|type2=Ground}}
{{Catch/entry3|075|Graveler|no|no|yes|Rock Smash|35-40|30%|type1=Rock|type2=Ground}}
{{rt|128|Hoenn}} is situated between {{rt|127|Hoenn}} to the north, {{rt|129|Hoenn}} to the south, and [[Ever Grande City]] to the east. [[Captain Stern]] mentioned that he'''B2F'''d found an underwater cave here while exploring in his [[Submarine Explorer 1|submarine]]. [[Team Aqua]] has now breached that same cavern with their stolen sub.
{| class="expandable" style="margin: auto; background: #{{Catchlocationcolor/entry3med|042|Golbat|no|no|yes|Cave|40,ocean}}; 42,{{roundy}}; 44border: 5px solid #{{locationcolor/light|35%|type1=Poison|type2=Flyingocean}};"
{{Catch/entry3|302|Sableye|no|no|yes|Cave|40,- 42, 44|35%|type1=Dark|type2align=Ghost}}"center"
{{Catch/entry3|305|Lairon|no|no|yes|Cave|40,! 42, 44|25%|type1=Steel|type2=Rock}}Trainers
{{Catch/entry3|303|Mawile|no|no|yes|Cave|42, 44|5%|type1=Steel}}-
{{Catch/divtrainerentry|waterSpr RS Cooltrainer M.png|Cooltrainer|Ruben|1632|2|275|Shiftry|♂|34||299|Nosepass|♂|34|Fishing}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Cooltrainer F.png|Cooltrainer|Alexa|1632|2|044|Gloom|♀|34||184|Azumarill|♀|34|}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Fisherman.png|Fisherman|Wayne|1440|3|072|Tentacool|♂|31||072|Tentacool|♂|31||320|Wailmer|♂|36|}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Triathlete Swimmer M.png|Triathlete|Isaiah|1400|1|120|Staryu||35||38=Nav}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Triathlete Swimmer F.png|Triathlete|Katelyn|1400|1|120|Staryu||35||38=Nav}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Swimmer F.png|Swimmer|Carlee|280<br><small>Potential [[Double Battle]] with Harrison</small>|1|119|Seaking|♀|35|}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Swimmer M.png|Swimmer|Harrison|280<br><small>Potential [[Double Battle]] with Carlee</small>|1|073|Tentacruel|♂|35|}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Triathlete Swimmer M.png|Triathlete|Isaiah{{tt|*|First and second rematch}}|{{tt|1560|First rematch}}/{{tt|1680|Second rematch}}|1|120|Staryu||{{tt|39|First rematch}}/{{tt|42|Second rematch}}||38=Nav}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Triathlete Swimmer M.png|Triathlete|Isaiah{{tt|*|Third and fourth rematch onwards}}|{{tt|1800|Third rematch}}/{{tt|1920|Fourth rematch onwards}}|1|121|Starmie||{{tt|45|Third rematch}}/{{tt|48|Fourth rematch onwards}}||38=Nav}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Triathlete Swimmer F.png|Triathlete|Katelyn{{tt|*|First and second rematch}}|{{tt|1560|First rematch}}/{{tt|1680|Second rematch}}|1|120|Staryu||{{tt|39|First rematch}}/{{tt|42|Second rematch}}||38=Nav}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Triathlete Swimmer F.png|Triathlete|Katelyn{{tt|*|Third and fourth rematch onwards}}|{{tt|1800|Third rematch}}/{{tt|1920|Fourth rematch onwards}}|1|121|Starmie||{{tt|45|Third rematch}}/{{tt|48|Fourth rematch onwards}}||38=Nav}}
{| class="expandable" style="margin: auto; background: #{{locationcolor/med|ocean}}; {{roundy}}; border: 5px solid #{{locationcolor/light|ocean}};"
|- align="center"
! Available Pokémon
{{catch/entry3|129|Magikarp|no|no|yes|Fish Old|5-10|70%|type1=Water}}
{{catch/entry3|072|Tentacool|no|no|yes|Fish Old|5-10|30%|type1=Water|type2=Poison}}
{{catch/entry3|129|Magikarp|no|no|yes|Fish Good|10-30|60%|type1=Water}}
{{catch/entry3|320|Wailmer|no|no|yes|Fish Good|10-30|20%|type1=Water}}
{{catch/entry3|370|Luvdisc|no|no|yes|Fish Good|10-30|20%|type1=Water}}
{{catch/entry3|320|Wailmer|no|no|yes|Fish Super|30-45|45%|type1=Water}}
{{catch/entry3|370|Luvdisc|no|no|yes|Fish Super|30-35|40%|type1=Water}}
{{catch/entry3|222|Corsola|no|no|yes|Fish Super|30-35|15%|type1=Water|type2=Rock}}
{| class="expandable" style="margin: auto; background: #{{locationcolor/med|ocean}}; {{roundy}}; border: 5px solid #{{locationcolor/light|ocean}};"
|- align="center"
! Items
{{itemlist|Heart Scale|
* In the north-central sandbar, two steps east of Cooltrainer Ruben (hidden)
* On the sandbar to the east of the sand ring (hidden)
* On the south side of the southwest sandbar (hidden)|E=yes|display=[[Heart Scale]] ×3}}
{{itemlist|Protein|Main area, on a small rock in the middle of the rocky ring (hidden)|E=yes}}
{{itemlist|Pearl|Eastern area, on a small rock (hidden)|E=yes|display={{OBP|Pearl}}}}
==Seafloor Cavern==
[[File:Seafloor Cavern entrance E.png|thumb|left|Seafloor Cavern, Entrance]]
[[File:Seafloor Cavern R1 E.png|thumb|Seafloor Cavern, Room 1]]
[[File:Seafloor Cavern R2 E.png|thumb|left|Seafloor Cavern, Room 2]]
[[File:Seafloor Cavern R3 E.png|thumb|Seafloor Cavern, Room 3]]
[[File:Seafloor Cavern R4 E.png|thumb|left|Seafloor Cavern, Room 4]]
[[File:Seafloor Cavern R5 E.png|thumb|Seafloor Cavern, Room 5]]
[[File:Seafloor Cavern R6 E.png|thumb|left|Seafloor Cavern, Room 6]]
[[File:Seafloor Cavern R7 E.png|thumb|Seafloor Cavern, Room 7]]
[[File:Seafloor Cavern end E.png|thumb|Seafloor Cavern, Deepest Room]]
The long-forgotten [[Seafloor Cavern]] can only be reached from an underwater cave in the depths of {{rt|128|Hoenn}}. [[Archie]] has gone to great lengths to breach the seal that has protected this place for ages, in the hope of awakening the super-ancient Pokémon rumored to dwell here. He believes this Pokémon has the power to bring about the great future he desires, but the risks seem far too great.
{| class="expandable" style="margin: auto; background: #{{locationcolor/med|underwater}}; {{roundy}}; border: 5px solid #{{locationcolor/light|underwater}};"
|- align="center"
! Trainers
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Team Aqua Grunt M.png|Team Aqua Grunt||720|1|261|Poochyena|♂|36|}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Team Aqua Grunt M.png|Team Aqua Grunt||720|1|318|Carvanha|♂|36|}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Team Aqua Grunt M.png|Team Aqua Grunt||720<br/><small>Potential [[Double Battle]] with the following Grunt</small>|1|041|Zubat|♂|36}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Team Aqua Grunt F.png|Team Aqua Grunt||720<br/><small>Potential [[Double Battle]] with the previous Grunt</small>|1|318|Carvanha|♀|36}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Team Aqua Grunt M.png|Team Aqua Grunt||700<br/><small>Potential [[Double Battle]] with Aqua Admin Shelly</small>|2|262|Mightyena|♂|35||042|Golbat|♂|35|}}
{| class="expandable" style="margin: auto; background: #{{locationcolor/med|underwater}}; {{roundy}}; border: 5px solid #{{locationcolor/light|underwater}};"
|- align="center"
! Available Pokémon
{{Catch/entry3|129|Magikarp|no|no|yes|Fish Old|5-10|70%|type1=Water}}
{{Catch/entry3|118072|GoldeenTentacool|no|no|yes|Fish Old|5-10|30%|type1=Water|type2=Poison}}
{{Catch/entry3|129|Magikarp|no|no|yes|Fish Good|10-30|60%|type1=Water}}
{{Catch/entry3|118072|GoldeenTentacool|no|no|yes|Fish Good|10-30|20%|type1=Water|type2=Poison}}
{{Catch/entry3|339320|BarboachWailmer|no|no|yes|Fish Good|10-30|20%|type1=Water|type2=Ground}}
{{Catch/entry3|339320|BarboachWailmer|no|no|yes|Fish Super|2520-3545|80100%|type1=Water|type2=Ground}}
{{Catch/entry3footer|340underwater|Whiscash|no|no|yes|Fish Super|30-45|20%|type1=Water|type2=Ground3}}
{| class="expandable" alignstyle="center"margin: auto; style="background: #{{emerald color lightlocationcolor/med|underwater}}; -moz-border-radius: 1em{{roundy}}; border: 5px solid #{{emerald colorlocationcolor/light|underwater}};"
|- align="center"
! Items
{{Itemlistitemlist|MaxTM ElixirGround|1FDeepest Room, above ledge in eastern parteast of the floordoorway|E=yes|display={{DLTM|Ether26|Max ElixirEarthquake}}}}
{{Itemlistitlistfoot|PP Up|1F, in southeastern corner|E=yes|display={{DL|Vitamin|PP Up}}underwater}}
{{Itemlist|Ultra Ball|1F, at the end of the ledge in the southeast corner, left of the PP Up ''(hidden)''|E=yes|display={{ball|Ultra}}}}
{{Itemlist|Full Restore|B1F, north of Cooltrainer Samuel (requires {{m|Strength}} and {{m|Rock Smash}})|E=yes|display={{DL|Status ailment healing item|Full Restore}}}}
{{Itemlist|Max Repel|B2F, in a nook by the ladder at the northeast corner ''(hidden)''|E=yes|display={{DL|Repel|Max Repel}}}}
{{Itemlist|TM Psychic|B1F, in northeastern corner|E=yes|display={{TM|29|Psychic}}}}
{{Itemlist|Full Heal|B2F, near Cooltrainer [[Winstrate family|Vito]]|E=yes|display={{DL|Status ailment healing item|Full Heal}}}}
{{Itemlist|Elixir|B2F, in a small two-square nook to the right above the eastern waterfall ''(hidden)''|E=yes|display={{DL|Ether|Elixir}}}}
When you first enter the cavern, you find [[Captain Stern]]'s sub moored beneath the waves. Rise to the surface and take the north doorway to the next room.
===Room 1===
This room features two boulders that hinder travel. Go northwest and clear the way with {{m|Rock Smash}}, then use {{m|Strength}} to move the first boulder southward. Head east and move the second boulder eastward. At this point, there are two paths forward. The northwest doorway leads directly to the southeast part of Room 4. The southeast doorway leads through Rooms 2 and 3 to the southwest part of Room 4.
If===Room you're ready, head into the cave. You'll want to explore as much as possible, because you truly need the training. You will be fighting Pokémon Level 55 and higher at the Pokémon League! That is why using [[Repel]]s is not recommended— all the battles will force you to train enough. Be aware that once you cross the first bridge (you need to get to the ladder in the northwest corner to get through Victory Road), {{ga|Wally}} will battle you. Be careful when facing Wally as his {{p|Ralts}} has evolved into its final form {{p|Gardevoir}} and he has a team of five Pokémon so make sure to have different types in your party to counter his team.2===
Head south to a fork in the road. Both tunnels lead into the next room, but the western tunnel serves as a shortcut.
{|===Room align3==="center"
|{{Party/SingleThe doorway to the south merely leads back to the entrance. Instead, go through the northeast doorway.
|color={{tcg grass color light}}
|headcolor=CED8F6==Room 4===
|bordercolor=Use {{tcgm|Strength}} grassor color{{m|Rock Smash}} to clear a path, then move the west-central boulder to the northwest corner. The northwest doorway leads to Room 5, while the northeast doorway leads to Room 6.
|sprite=Spr RS Wally.png
|prize={{PDollar}}[[Pokémon==Room Dollar|2700]]5===
This room has many strong water currents. {{m|class=PokémonSurf}} out into the water and ride the currents to a calm spot a short distance to the northeast. Sail east to ride the current to a patch of calm water to the northeast. Go east again to follow the current around the rock outcropping to the west side of the room. Surf westward and take the current to the northwest Trainerdoorway.
|game=RSE==Room 6===
|location=VictoryThis Roadroom (Hoenn)has many strong water currents. Surf eastward along the south wall to the second current, which leads a short distance northward. Go north from here to reach the west side of the room. Sail north once more to follow the current back and forth on the room's north side. Climb onto shore and go through the northwest doorway.
|locationname=Victory Road
|pokemon=5}}==Room 7===
|{{Pokémon/3The room splits into two tunnels before converging near the next doorway. The room's east side is littered with boulders, while the west side is clear, aside from [[Shelly]] and an Aqua Grunt. She's looking for payback for what happened in the [[Weather Institute]], and draws you into battle!
|ndex=334===VS Shelly====
{|pokemon style=Altaria"margin: auto;"
|type1color=Dragon{{sapphire color light}}|headcolor={{water color}}|bordercolor={{sapphire color}}
|type2sprite=FlyingSpr RS Shelly.png
|abilityprize=Natural Cure{{PDollar}}1480
|move1class=AerialAqua AceAdmin|name={{color2|000|Shelly}}
|move1typegame=FlyingE|location=Seafloor Cavern
|move3catability=SpecialRough Skin
|move4move1=DragonScary DanceFace|move1type=Normal
|abilitymove2=Cute CharmSwagger|move2type=Normal
|move1move3=SingScary Face|move3type=Normal
|move1typemove4=Take Down|move4type=Normal}}
|move4=Faint Attack
|ability=Poison Point
|move1=Magical Leaf
|move2=Leech Seed
|move3=Giga Drain
{{Party/Div|color={{tcg grass color light}}}}
|ability=Magnet Pull
|move3=Tri Attack
|move1=Double Team
|move2=Calm Mind
|move4=Future Sight
On===Room the road, you can face to Cooltrainer Dianne which has a {{p|Lanturn}} that knows {{m|Earthquake}}, a move Lanturn [[Game move errors|cannot legitimately know]]. Also you can face to Cooltrainer Vito who is the final member of the [[Winstrate family]] of the {{rt|111|Hoenn}}.8===
There are a dozen boulders here to block progress. Start off by moving the south-central boulder one step northward and the other two southern-most boulders farther apart. Push the first boulder one step westward, then shove the middle boulder one step northward. Move the boulders on the left and right farther apart, then push both the north-northwest and north-northeast boulders to the north wall. Finally, push the middle boulder to either side to reach the doorway.
If===Deepest you want to have rematch battles with {{ga|Wally}}, this will only be available after you defeat the {{pkmn|Champion}} in [[Ever Grande City]] and they will take place near the exit of the {{ho|Victory Road}}.Room===
Go east to find {{TM|26|Earthquake}} on the room's highest level before continuing along the downward-sloping corridor. [[Team Aqua]]'s driven leader, [[Archie]] suddenly runs up to you. Like [[Maxie]] did with {{p|Groudon}}, Archie has discovered the super-ancient Pokémon, {{p|Kyogre}}, and stands ready to restore the creature with his stolen [[Red Orb]]. With his plan so close to fruition, he's not about to let anything stop him, and drags you into battle.
===If=VS you're truly lost...Archie====
If{| you are truly, hopelessly lost, here is the simplest path through Victory Roadstyle="margin: On the ground floor, go north to the second platform of stairs and across the bridge (Wally will show up to battle you here) and down the ladder in the northwest corner. Go over the bridge on B1F, down the stairs and then south a bit. Around the corner, there is a ladder. Go down it to B2F. Surf across the water, climb the waterfall and Surf around to go down the other waterfall. Surf to the bit of land with the ladder on it. Climb the ladder and go south and around a corner to the east. Climb the ladder that you find, and you'll be back on the first floor. Go up the stairs out of the little crater you were in, across the bridge, and down the other stairs. Go north as far as you can, and to the east is the;"
|color={{sapphire color light}}|headcolor={{water color}}|bordercolor={{sapphire color}}
|sprite=Spr RS Archie.png
|class=Aqua Leader|classlink=Archie|name={{color2|000|Archie}}
|game=E|location=Seafloor Cavern
==Ever Grande City (|{{Pokémon League side)=/3|game=Emerald
The straightforward path at the end of Victory Road leads to an impressive building at the top of the city, where your final challenge awaits!. With only enter this lobby you can already use [[Fly]] between the two destinations that they are marked on the map in [[Ever Grande City]]: Pokémon Center and Pokémon League (Ever Grande City is the only in the game that has this feature).|ndex=262|pokemon=Mightyena
|move3=Scary Face|move3type=Normal
|move4=Take Down|move4type=Normal}}
*'''Note''': A good way to train your Pokémon is battling [[Gabby and Ty]] over and over again. So put the weak Pokémon in the battle (make sure is holding |{{DLPokémon/3|Type-enhancing item|Exp. Share}}) and put a strong one in. Now win the battle. Your weak Pokémon should be getting around 1000 Exp. for each of the two fainted Poké
|ability=Inner Focus
|move2=Wing Attack|move2type=Flying
|move3=Confuse Ray|move3type=Ghost
|move4=Air Cutter|move4type=Flying}}
|ability=Rough Skin
AlsoEven defeated, keepArchie anreaffirms eyehis onintent to revive the super-ancient Pokémon. While talking, yourthe [[MatchRed CallOrb]] menusuddenly shines brightly, awakening {{p|Kyogre}}. Like {{p|Groudon}} before it, the Pokémon flees. Just then, Archie receives an urgent call from his subordinates outside. The great energy generated by the legendary creature has altered and beatintensified [[Hoenn]]'s weather as expected, but to dangerous, unforeseen levels. The weather's dramatic shift to a strange mix of heavy rain and harsh sunlight influences any trainersbattles thaton wantthe region's east side. [[Maxie]] and a rematchpair asof trainershis fromGrunts {{rt|117|Hoenn}}enter a moment later. He condemns [[Team Aqua]]'s actions and tries to reason with Archie, who counters by criticizing [[Team Magma]] for disturbing Groudon.
==Route 128==
The group returns to the surface, where they witness the extreme weather firsthand. Kyogre's power has surpassed expectations, forcing Archie to grudgingly agree to work with Maxie to set things right. Once the others leave, {{steven}} swoops down to assess the situation. He informs you that the oppressive weather seems to originate in [[Sootopolis City]] to the northwest. He's headed there to investigate, and suggests you do the same.
When you're ready, head out to [[Pokémon League]] lobby. The next Part of this walkthrough will cover your battles against the [[Elite Four]] and [[Wallace|Champion]].
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