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Similarly to the [[Poké Radar]], hidden Pokémon can also be chained, though chaining with hidden Pokémon is easier than with the Poké Radar.
A chain builds every time the player captures or defeats a hidden Pokémon of any species. If the player does not capture or defeat the Pokémon (whether the player chooses or is forced to [[escape|flee]], such as by {{m|Roar}} (by using this move, you will end your chain), or the Pokémon escapes, such as by {{m|Teleport}}), the chain breaks. A chain will also break if, outside of battle, a hidden Pokémon appeared and is not encountered (whether by scaring it away, waiting too long, walking too far away, leaving the area, or entering a different battle). The chained Pokémon do not need to be found using the Search function, and the message "The Pokémon couldn't be found. Try looking in a different area!" does not break the chain if received when the Search function is used.
The level that hidden Pokémon appear at increases by one for each five successive encounters. Every 100 encounters, this level bonus resets to zero.