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Mega Evolution

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In the main series
A couple of Mega Evolutions, including a Mega {{p|Ampharos}}, appeared as silhouettes in ''[[XY001|Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!]]'' while [[Professor Sycamore]] told Ash, {{an|Clemont}}, and {{an|Bonnie}} about the concept of Mega Evolution.
In ''[[SS029|Mega Evolution Special I]]'', a protagonist named [[Alain]] was featured traveling across the Kalos region with his Mega {{TP|Alain|Charizard}} X, challenging other Mega Evolution Trainers. During the episode, Alain battled [[Astrid]]'s Mega {{p|Absol}} and [[Remo]]'s Mega {{p|Garchomp}}, and was victorious in both battles. Later in the special, he even faced the [[Elite Four]] member [[Siebold]] and his Mega {{p|Blastoise}}, but the powerful {{type|Water}} Pokémon proved to be too much for Charizard, causing Alain to lose the battle.
All known Mega Evolutions released at the time were also featured during the intro of the aforementioned [[side story episode|special episode]].