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Appendix:Emerald walkthrough/Section 16

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Drake sends out his {{p|Shelgon}} first, which is a pure Dragon type. It will keep using {{m|Protect}}, so try to avoid using moves low on PP because you'll run out, most likely. You will need to watch out for {{m|Double-Edge}}, a {{type|Normal}} move with 120 base power that will not deal recoil damage because of {{a|Rock Head|Shelgon's ability}}. {{m|Rock Tomb}} doesn't deal much damage in general aside from lowing your Pokemon's speed, thankfully, but {{m|Dragon Claw}} has 80 base power and gets [[STAB]], so be careful. Ice-type Pokémon shouldn't have any trouble against Shelgon as long as they watch out for Rock Tomb. Drake's second Pokémon, {{p|Altaria}} (a {{2t|Dragon|Flying}} type), also uses Double-Edge but receives recoil damage. It also knows {{m|Aerial Ace}}, a move with only 60 base power that never misses. {{m|DragonBreath}} has only 60 base power also, but has a chance of {{status|paralysis|paralyzing}} your Pokémon if it hits. Knock Altaria out as quickly as possible because it knows {{m|Dragon Dance}} to boost its Attack and Speed. Now comes a real threat... the {{2t|Water|Dragon}} {{p|Kingdra}}. Its only weakness is Dragon, a type that it can easily defeat. It knows {{m|SmokeScreen}} to lower the accuracy of your Pokémon's moves, and like Altaria, it has Dragon Dance. {{m|Surf}} (does massive damage) and. {{m|Body Slam}} (has a chance of paralyzing your Pokémon) will really hurt when they hit (curiously this is a move that [[Game move errors|it cannot legitimately learn] this pokémon). It is hard to inflict damage on Kingdra unless you have Dragon-type Pokémon in your party. Don't fool around with stat-boosting when fighting Kingdra— get it out of the way as quickly as possible. The next Pokémon is {{p|Flygon}}, a {{2t|Ground|Dragon}} type and yet another Pokémon with a 4× weakness to Ice. All of its moves are powerful attacks, with {{m|Earthquake}} and DragonBreath being especially powerful. The last Pokémon you'll face is {{p|Salamence}}, another {{2t|Dragon|Flying}} type. Salamence also owns one Sitrus Berry. Its stats are as good as those of many Legendary Pokémon, with its Attack stat being particularly high. Its moveset is {{m|Rock Slide}}, {{m|Flamethrower}}, {{m|Dragon Claw}}, and {{m|Crunch}}. All of its moves are deadly, but the most destructive is Dragon Claw. Although Ice is doubly supereffective against this dragon, it has two moves to get rid of Ice types. A good thing to do here is have a {{t|Water}} type that knows {{m|Ice Beam}}— Salamence has no super-effective moves against that type, and many Water types can learn Ice Beam using [[TM13|the TM]].
When you defeat Drake, '''heal up your team''' and proceed to the Champion's room!