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Dawn's Buneary

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* Much like [[May's Munchlax]], Buneary is Dawn's only Pokémon that didn't defeat another {{pkmn|Coordinator}}'s Pokémon in the final round of a [[Pokémon Contest]]. This doesn't count {{TP|Ash|Buizel}}, who didn't participate in any Contests under Dawn's care.
* Buneary is Dawn's only {{type|Normal}} {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} that did not previously belong to another {{pkmn|Trainer}}.
* If {{p|Phione}} were to be considered a {{pkmn2|Legendary|MythicalLegendary Pokémon}} due to the [[Phione (Pokémon)#Mythical status|dispute]] going on with it, then it would mean that Buneary is technically the third Pokemon in the series to beat a Legendary Pokémon and the first one that didn't belong to Ash.
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