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** In addition, Mega Mewtwo Y has the highest base Special Attack of all Pokémon at 194, and Mega Mewtwo X has the highest base Attack of all Pokémon at 190. Mega Mewtwo X also has the highest base stat increase of all Mega Evolutions, its Attack stat being boosted by 80 upon the process.
* {{p|Aggron}} is the only dual-type Pokémon to become single-type upon Mega Evolving, going from {{2t|Steel|Rock}}-type to pure {{type|Steel}}.
* The only Pokémon with multiple Mega Evolutions are {{p|Charizard}} and {{p|Mewtwo}}, are the latteronly thattwo werePokémon introducedwith inmultiple [[GenerationMega I]]Evolutions. In both cases, the first ones to be revealed were the Y versions.
** In addition, both of their Y versions kept their original type, while both of their X versions changed their type.
* {{p|Rayquaza}} is the only Pokémon that requires no [[Mega Stone]] to Mega Evolve, instead being required to know {{m|Dragon Ascent}}.
** This makes Rayquaza the only Pokémon who can have a different held item while Mega Evolved, since Mega Stones cannot be taken off their proper holder during battle. This also makes Rayquaza the only [[trio master]] capable of Mega Evolution.
* Rayquaza is the only [[trio master]] capable of Mega Evolution.
* Diancie is the only [[Mythical Pokémon]] capable of Mega Evolution.
* Mega {{p|Latias}} and Mega {{p|Latios}} are programmed into {{g|X and Y}}; as a result, they are not banned by the Kalos rules from battles, and they are not banned from trades between Omega Ruby or Alpha Saphire and X or Y, despite being unavailable in those games.