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{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} arefind admiringthemselves thesurrounded nice [[Johto]] scenery when they spotby a {{p|Houndoom}}magnificent deliveringmountain somethinglandscape. AtAs thethey same time, {{TRT}} is also admiringadmire the scenery from the [[Team Rocket's mechas|Meowth Balloon]]. Team Rocket spots Ash and his friends, so they interruptthen themspot with theira {{mottop|usual linesHoundoom}}. [[James]]with sendsa outsatchel {{TP|James|Weezing}}on andits tellsback as it tomakes usea {{m|SmokeScreen}}, making it impossible fordelivery. Ash andchecks his friends to see. [[JessiePokédex]] thenfor tellsfurther herinformation, {{TP|Jessie|Arbok}} to attackand {{APan|PikachuMisty}}, but Pikachu is readya andlittle fendsscared itof offHoundoom's withintimidating a {{m|Thunderbolt}}appearance. With all the actionMeanwhile, {{TP|Misty|TogepiTRT}} getsare awayalso fromenjoying {{an|Misty}}the andmountain endsair upfrom neartheir Weezing,[[Team soRocket’s tomechas|balloon]] getand awaytake ittime usesout {{m|Metronome}},to whichenjoy endssome up {{m|Teleport}}ing it far awaytea. TogepiThey endseach up intake a bigsip treewhen and[[Jessie]] isrealizes scared.that Jamesthey commandsare Weezingnot tofulfilling usetheir {{m|Tackle}}required and[[Team AshRocket]] tellsduties. PikachuHer toteammates doalso the sameagree, and Weezingsoon is[[James]] sentspots flyingtheir backnext intotarget the balloon. [[Ash sends out {{AP|Chikorita}} to cut a hole through Team Rocket's balloon with its {{m|Razor Leaf}} and they were sent blasting off againPikachu]].
The sametrio Houndoomsoon fromput beforetheir hearssneak Togepi'sattack cryingplan andinto rescuesmotion itand fromintercept atopAsh aand bighis treefriends. HoundoomAftering seesperforming thattheir it{{motto}}, isJames stillhas sad,his and{{TP|James|Weezing}} getsuse an{{m|Smokescreen}}, applemaking it impossible for itAsh and his friends to see. A[[Jessie]] then tells her {{pTP|PinsirJessie|Arbok}} then tries to attack Togepi{{AP|Pikachu}}, but HoundoomPikachu is ready and scaresfends it off with itsa attacks{{m|Thunderbolt}}. HoundoomWith triesall tothe leaveaction, Misty trips on a rock and drops {{TP|Misty|Togepi}}. againIt rolls near Weezing, butso hearsto itsget cryingaway, it uses {{m|Metronome}}, which ends up {{m|Teleport}}ing itself far away. Togepi ends up in a big tree and comesbecomes backscared againafter seeing how high off the ground it is. ThisMeanwhile, timeJames Houndoomcommands putsWeezing Togepito onuse its{{m|Tackle}}. backAsh tells Pikachu to do the same, and continuesWeezing is sent flying back into the balloon. Ash calls on {{AP|Chikorita}}'s assistance, and she cuts a hole through Team Rocket's balloon with itsa {{m|Razor Leaf}} which sends the evil trio blasting off. Weezing’s Smokescreen finally clears, and Misty informs the others that Togepi is missing. They begin calling out to Togepi, but it is nowhere to newbe friendseen.
AshThe same Houndoom from before hears Togepi's crying and hisrescues friendsit atfrom theatop samea timebig aretree. searchingHoundoom sees that it is still sad and gets an apple for Togepiit. TheyHoundoom allsets thinkoff again, but Togepi's cries alert it to a {{p|Pinsir}} that is ready to attack. A breath of thefire worstand an intimidating snarl leads Pinsir to walk off. Houndoom tries to leave Togepi again, but thenhears Ashits hascrying theand ideacomes ofback gettingagain. theThis Pokémontime toHoundoom helpputs themTogepi on its back and continues on with its new friend. AshMeanwhile, sendsMisty outis hisbecoming increasingly distressed after searching for over an hour for Togepi. {{APan|NoctowlBrock}} urges her to remain calm. He and Ash then send out {{anAP|BrockNoctowl}} sends out hisand {{TP|Brock|Golbat}} to helpconduct an aerial looksearch for Togepi.
InHoundoom continues traveling towards anotherits placedestination, Houndoomwith isTogepi tryingon its back. It reassures Togepi that everything will be okay as it prepares to jumpleaps overacross someseveral rocks whento anmake angryit across a raging river. In the midst of the crossing a {{pkmn2|wild}} {{p|Gyarados}} knocksbreaches itthe water and the resulting wake swamps Houndoom and Togepi into the waterriver’s current. Houndoom struggledlends withits Togepitail to getTogepi, upwho thepromptly shorehold on, and thisthe greatlypair weakenssoon Houndoomreach asthe heother fellside. intoTogepi aproceeds shortto daze.climb Ata thissteep time,cliff Togepias triesHoundoom tolies climbexhausted upon athe hillriverbank, but startsit begins to falllose its footing. Thankfully, Houndoom actsnotices fastin time and savesrescues hisTogepi littlebefore friend.jumping Theyto makethe theirtop way allof the waycliff upin toseveral thebounds. topHoundoom oflets theTogepi hilloff and findshows it a nearby field of flowers with some {{t|Grass}} and {{type|Bug}} {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}. Togepi hassoon somejoins fun,a buttrio Houndoomof thinks that it is{{p|Bellossom}} in troubledancing. andThe triesBellossom tothen savetoss it.Toegpi Theinto problemthe isair thatand it makeslands on a drowsy {{p|Venusaur}}. angryThe anddisturbed Pokémon then releases a cloud of {{m|Sleep Powder|puts}}, which Houndoom walk into in themorder to sleep}}protect the others.
Back with the gang, Noctowl findsalerts theAsh footprintsand his friends to a trail of [[footprint]]s that resemble Togepi's, but there are another set of larger footprints beside them. Brock notices that Togepi's prints seem to end, while the other larger footprints continue on. Misty is instantly afraid of the throught that Togepi may have been carried away by something. Meanwhile, Togepi finally wakes up Houndoom and they get on their way again. Ash and company are hot on Togepi's trail though, and they runsoon leap across the same rocks and seeriver thethat sameTogepi Gyarados,and butHoundoom Ashcrossed notedearlier. it asOn the youngother Gyarados.side Theyof findthe ariver hillthe footprints continue, and climbthis upleads itthe togroup findup to the same field of flowers that Togepi and Houndoom were in earlier. Meanwhile, Team Rocket attempt to fly their patched balloon, but it begins leaking air. They almost crash into the river, but Gyarados pushes them to shore instead. The Gyarados is enraged and sends them blasting off again with its {{m|Hydro Pump}}.
TeamTogepi Rocketand isn'tHoundoom havingcontinue veryto goodtravel luckfurther asand theirfurther. patchedThey balloonseek wasshelter leakinginside aira andtree becausehollow ofas thea altitude,thunderstorm theyrages almoston. crashHoundoom intonotices thethat riverTogepi butis bangedfeeling intobored Gyaradosand whichtickles pushesit themwith toits shoretail Thecheer Gyaradosit isup. enragedAfter andthe sendsthunderstorm themhas blastingpassed, offthe againpair with itsspot {{mp|HydroRaikou|a Pumpmysterious Pokémon}} nearby, which leaps away after letting off electric sparks.
TogepiAsh and Houndoomhis continuefriends seem to travelhave furtherlost andtrace further.of TheyTogepi gobecause insidethe afootprints treehave forbeen shelterwashed duringaway aby thunderstormthe storm. HoundoomSoon Pikachu finds some fresh footprints. Misty is somewhat relieved to noticessee that Togepi wasis boredstill traveling with its mystery companion, and tickledthis encourages the group to continue their search. Togepi soon drifts off to sleep on Houndoom's back, as it withreturns itsto taila {{p|Mareep}} farm. Ash and friends finally catch up and are relieved to cheerfind Togepi. Misty thanks Houndoom for taking care of her Togepi, and soon it wakes up and jumps into Misty's arms. AfterThe the[[Mareep thunderstormfarmer]] is glad to see his Houndoom, as[[nickname]]d they"Doomy", leftreturn and he then reaches into the tree,satchel nearto retrieve his new shears. Team Rocket interrupts this happy moment by catching Doomy in a bushnet. theyAsh spotsends out Chikorita again, and it cuts Houndoom free with its Razor Leaf attack. Jessie and James send out Arbok and {{pTP|RaikouJames|a mysterious PokémonVictreebel}} whichto leapsfight awayback, afterbut lettingPikachu and Houndoom save the day and send Team Rocket blasting off electricagain, for the third sparkstime.
Ash and his friends seem to have lost Togepi becauseAfter the footprints have been washed away. They don't give up though and Pikachu finds some fresh footprints. Togepi on{{pkmn|battle}}, the otherMareep handfarmer isleads sleeping on HoundoomAsh's back when it comesgroup back to athe farmroad withtowards [[Mareep farmer|an oldEcruteak manCity]] with his {{p|Mareep}}. AshAs andeveryone friendsprepares finallyto catchsay uptheir and findgoodbyes, Togepi. Mistybegins thanksto Houndoomcry. for taking care of her Togepi, butIt then Teamjumps Rocketout interruptsof thisMisty's happyarms momentand byruns catchingtowards HoundoomDoomy. inDoomy asmiles Ashits sendsnew out Chikorita againfriend, andbut iturges cutsTogepi Houndoomto freeleave with itsMisty Razorand Leafthe attackothers. JessieMisty andpromptly Jamespicks sendTogepi out Arbokup and {{TP|James|Victreebel}}offers toit fightcomfort. back,Doomy butand PikachuTogepi andshare Houndooma savefinal the daygoodbye, and sendafterwards TeamAsh Rocketand blastingthe offothers again, for thecontinue thirdtheir timejourney.
After the {{pkmn|battle}}, the Mareep farmer leads them back on their way so everyone says goodbye. They start to leave when Togepi starts to cry and runs back to Houndoom. They say a sad goodbye and our heroes continue on their journey.
==Major events==
[[File:WTP EP180.png|thumb|200px|right|Who's That Pokémon?]]
[[Who's That Pokémon?]]: {{p|Poliwhirl}} ''(U.S.US and international)'', {{p|Houndoom}} ''(Japan)''
* {{p|Pikachu}} ({{OP|Ash|Pikachu}})
* {{p|Wobbuffet}} ({{OP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}})
* {{p|Chikorita}} ({{OP|Ash|Chikorita}})
* {{p|Noctowl}} ({{OP|Ash|Noctowl}}; {{Shiny}})
* {{p|Golbat}} ({{OP|Brock|Golbat}})
* {{p|Arbok}} ({{OP|Jessie|Arbok}})
* {{p|Victreebel}} ({{OP|James|Victreebel}})
* {{p|Houndoom}} ([[Mareep farmer]]'s; Doomy; debut)
* {{p|Mareep}} (multiple; [[Mareep farmer]]'s; multiple)
* {{p|Raikou}} (debut)
* {{p|Venusaur}}
* {{p|Pinsir}}
* {{p|Gyarados}}
* {{p|Ledyba}} (severalmultiple)
* {{p|Ledian}} (severalmultiple)
* {{p|Bellossom}} (×3)
[[File:Raikou EP180.png|thumb|200px|right|Raikou's cameo]]
* This episode wasmarks initiallythe titledonly ''Howltime of the Houndoom''.that {{factp|Raikou}} physically appears in the main series.
* This episode marks the only time that {{p|Raikou}} physically appears in the main series anime.
* ''[[Never Too Far From Home]]'' is used as an insert song in the dub.
* The book [[Togepi Springs Into Action!]] is based on this episode.
* This episode marks one of the few times that Team Rocket{{TRT}} have blasted off three times in one episode.
* This is the first time {{TP|Misty|Togepi}} is shown to be afraid of heights. It is usually happy to be high up.
* This is the third time Togepi has used {{m|Metronome}} and got {{m|Teleport}}.
* In one shot of Team Rocket, [[File:EP180 Error.png|thumb|200px|right|GolbatJessie]]'s miscoloredearrings wings]]are white instead of green.
* InAfter one{{an|Brock}} shotsent out {{TP|Brock|Golbat}}, the back of Teamits Rocket,wings Jessie'swere earringsshown areto whitebe the color blue instead of greenpurple like in the front.
* AfterWhen BrockTogepi sent out Golbat,joins the backdancing of its wings were shown to be{{p|Bellossom}}, the colorBellossom's blueJapanese insteadvoice of purple like in theis frontheard.
* When Togepi joins the dancing Bellossom, the Bellossom's Japanese voice is heard.
EP180 Error.png|Golbat's miscolored wings
===Dub edits===
* The[[Never originalToo airingFar ofFrom thisHome]] episodeis onused Hungamaas TVan ininsert {{pmin|India}} started the episode directly from the title card, skipping the part of the episode that comes before itsong.
* The original airing of this episode on Hungama TV in {{pmin|India}} started it directly from the title card, skipping the part of the episode that comes before it.
==In other languages==
|bg={{tt|Специалната доставка на Хаудум|Haundoom's special delivery}}
|zh_cmn={{tt|黑魯加與波克比|Houndoom and Togepi}}
|cs={{tt|Doporučený dopis od Houndooma|Registered letter from Houndoom}}
|es_la={{tt|¡El envío especial de Houndoom!|Houndoom's special delivery!}}
|es_eu={{tt|La entrega especial de Houndoom|Houndoom's special delivery}}
|pl={{tt|Wyjątkowa przesyłka|UniqueA shipmentspecial delivery}}
|sv={{tt|Houndooms passagerare|Houndoom's passenger}}
|hi=Houndoom की स्पेशल डिलीवरी {{tt|''Houndoum ki special delivery''|Houndoom's Special Delivery}} {{tt|*|Hungama dub}}
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