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Ash's Totodile

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Personality and characteristics
==Personality and characteristics==
[[File:Ash and Totodile.png|thumb|250px|Ash and his Totodile]]
Totodile is a highly energetic Pokémon. It is always happy and shows this by dancing, a theme that is focused on when it is released from its Lure Ball, even when being called into a battle. It also unabashedly introduced itself to {{AP|Larvitar}} first in ''[[EP259|Entei at Your Own Risk]]'', energetically swinging Larvitar around in a circle. However, when need be, Totodile can be a powerful opponent, as seen when it managed to defeat Harrison's Sneasel, who had been causing trouble for Ash and Harrison earlier on in [[EP245|Pop goes the Sneasel]]
Totodile also acts as a comic relief character, as its tendency to dance is shown in many important matches, frustrating Ash, and confusing its opponents. Its most significant battle, defeating Harrison's Sneasel, depicted it biting Sneasel's hand and dancing around whilst thrashing Sneasel into the ground. Its Scary Face attack has also been used as a joke a couple of times, one being in a battle with [[Duplica]]'s {{p|Ditto|Mini-Dit}}, where Totodile laughed at its {{m|Transform|imitation}} of the move before continuing the battle.