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Ash and Pikachu scan the city for Haunter. Meanwhile, {{TRT}} is alongside a skyscraper on a platform. [[James]] readies the fishing net in order to capture Pikachu, but Haunter appears in front of them, scaring Team Rocket and causing them to fall off the platform. [[Jessie]] grabs hold as everyone else clings onto her. She cannot pull up because they are too heavy. Haunter appears next to Jessie and makes funny faces, trying to get her to laugh (he even fires a gun with a "BANG!" flag in the barrel). She tries to resist because she will let go if she laughs. Eventually she cracks, laughing and releasing her grip. They crash through the sidewalk as Ash and Pikachu notice, Haunter appearing nearby. Ash wants to go back to the Gym, but Haunter does not want to battle. However, Haunter comes with an idea and sides with Ash again as they return to the Gym.
Meanwhile, Misty and Brock, now as dolls, are sitting on a couch, unable to move. They notice another doll nearby as they realize that it Sabrina's mother. They are shocked as she reveals that Sabrina is still good. The roof opens as the Sabrina doll looks down upon them. Misty demands a battle and for them to change them back, but she doesn't want them to change. Ash returns and asks for another match. Misty and Brock protest, but Ash is set to battle. Kadabra comes back out as Ash orders Haunter to go, but it disappears again. This time, there is no backing out as Ash freaks out. Ash falls to the floor in defeat, but Pikachu steps out to battle, even though Ash knows Pikachu is at a disadvantage. Pikachu wants to stand up for Ash as the battle begins. Pikachu uses {{m|ThunderShockThunder Shock}}, but Kadabra {{m|Teleport}}s to avoid it. It uses {{m|Psybeam}} to knock Pikachu back. Pikachu gets back up and uses a {{m|Thunderbolt}}, hitting and roasting Kadabra. It seems like a win, but Kadabra uses {{m|Recover}} to heal. The battle seems to be against Ash, but suddenly, Haunter appears in front of Sabrina and laughs. The doll believes that it is unfair to pit two against one, but Sabrina's dad reappears and says that Haunter is playing on its own, not battling, so it is not against the rules. Haunter makes funny faces and even pulls out a bomb, exploding it in front of Sabrina. The effort works as Sabrina cracks a smile, progressing to hysterical laughter. Sabrina's dad seems happy at Sabrina's breakthrough, but Ash is still unconvinced that he is her dad, making him angry. However, he notes that Haunter has helped Sabrina. Ash is still angry that he did not win, but Sabrina's dad points to Kadabra rolling on the floor laughing, since Sabrina and Kadabra are joined telepathically. Sabrina's doll disappears and drops Kadabra's {{ball|Poké}}, Misty and Brock returning to human form. Sabrina's father declares Ash the winner.
Ash and his friends leave Saffron City, Ash glancing at his new {{Badge|Marsh}}. Haunter stays behind with Sabrina, and the group makes plans to head off to the next [[Gym]] in [[Celadon City]]. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is frozen in the pit being filled with cement, but they manage to get out and blast off.