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'''Cream of the Croagunk Crop!''' (Japanese: '''ノモセ大湿原のグレッグル祭り!?''' ''The {{tt|Gureggru|Croagunk}} Festival of the {{tt|Nomose|Pastoria}} Great Marsh!?'') is the 82nd episode of the {{series|Diamond & Pearl}}, and the 548th episode of the [[Pokémon anime]]. It first aired in Japan on June 5, 2008 and in the United States on November 15, 2008.
* The background music from ''[[EP039|Pikachu's Goodbye]]'' is also used in this episode.
* The diamond and pearl on the crown are references to {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}}.
* The segment where Brock fantasizes about marrying Nurse Joy and his Croagunk marrying hers echoes that of a similar fantasy he had in ''[[EP165|Hassle Inin Thethe Castle]]'' where he dreamed of marrying [[Dr. Anna|a woman]] while his {{TP|Brock|Zubat|Crobat}} married her {{p|Zubat}}. Coincidentally, both Croagunk and Zubat (now Crobat) are Brock's only {{t|Poison}} types.
* During the {{m|Brick Break}} contest, only [[Brock's Croagunk]]'s hands glow white.
* The dub title refers to the phrase "the cream of the crop".
* James caught his {{TP|James|Carnivine}} in the [[Great Marsh]] (which makes sense, since it is the only known place to catch a {{p|Carnivine}} in [[Sinnoh]]), yet he keeps it in a regular [[Poké Ball]], rather than a {{ball|Safari}}, though this may be because he officially captured it outside of the Marsh. A similar situation was made with Ash's Tauros where, despite their being captured in Safari Balls, they occasionally appear in Poké Balls.
* Hamilton's hair, eyes, eyebrows, and face shape were changed sometime after the character was first seen, and he no longer has sunglasses; his own Japanese name as well as Craig's were also changed. Contrary to popular belief, the changes to his appearance are not dub-exclusive changes, but changes made by the Japanese producers to avoid lawsuits from the makers of {{wp|Dokonjō Gaeru}}. As a result, several scenes needed to be completely reanimated and Yuriko Yamaguchi, [[Yōko Sōmi]] and Tetsu Inada (the respective voices of [[Nurse Joy]], [[Hamilton]], and [[Crasher Wake]]) had to re-record a few lines due to the name changes. Hamilton was meant to be a direct parody of the main character of the series, Hiroshi.
* This is the first episode in which two voice actors return to the series - [[David Brimmer]] and [[Jason Griffith]].
* In the official dub numbering (as seen on Poké, this episode precedes ''[[DP071|Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! Parts(Part One1)]]'' and ''[[DP072|TwoPokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! (Part 2)]]''. However, this episode premiered on Cartoon Network after these two episodes, in more logical order. All repeats of the dub, both in the United States and worldwide, follow the official dub order.
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