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* In the dub, {{Ash}} believed that the man knew so much about Sabrina because he was her photographer, while in the Japanese version Ash believed that he is a neighbor of Sabrina's.
* Originally, the egg that falls on Team Rocket was meant to be an {{wp|egg of Columbus}}, and James explains what an egg of Columbus was, followed by Jessie saying that she thought it was in reference to Christopher Columbus liking eggs. This was changed by the dub to a variation of the "Which came first: the chicken or the egg?" argument.
* In the Japanese version, when Ash and his Pokémon end up on Sabrina's father's back, Ash tells Pikachu to not "pika pika" him and demands Pikachu to get off. In the dub, Ash tells Pikachu he's happy it's safe and asks Pikachu kindly to get off his back.
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