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Back at camp, everyone is eating breakfast together, when Axew tries to bring his food over and eat with Scraggy. Scraggy turns his back on Axew, and they start glaring at each other. Ash and Iris tell them not to fight. Then Cilan suggests that Scraggy might be the perfect partner for Axew's battle practice, which surprises everyone. Ash says that sounds like a good idea, and Iris asks if Axew would be interested, and he responds in the affirmative. Iris notes that they both look fired up, and Ash says that they should start.
Iris encourages Axew to do his best, and Ash encourages Scraggy not to lose. Then Cilan, acting as referee, says to start the battle. Ash calls for a Leer attack to start things off, which is successful. Then Ash orders Scraggy to use Headbutt, which is also effective. Iris orders Axew to counterattack with Scratch, which is a hit. Iris congratulates Axew, then orders him to use Scratch repeatedly, which are all hits. Ash yells to Scraggy not to give up, and orders a Headbutt attack, which sends Axew flying backwards. Iris yells to Axew not to give up, and calls for a Dragon Rage attack. While Axew is charging up Dragon Rage, Ash calls for another Headbutt attack from Scraggy. Just as Axew is ready to fire, Scraggy collides with Axew and a huge explosion ensues. When the smoke clears, both Axew and Scraggy unable to battle. Iris remarks that Dragon Rage failed again. Cilan suggests that they call it a draw for today. Ash agrees, then offers to Scraggy to become stronger together, to which Scraggy agrees. Then Iris says the same thing to Axew, who also agrees. Cilan remarks that means that both Pokémon are worth raising, and that he is looking forward to them maturing. Then Ash says that Scraggy should take a long rest, and capturescatches him in a Poké Ball.
==Major events==