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Piplup (Pokémon)

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Dawn's Piplup
{{an|Dawn}} began her {{pkmn|journey}} in [[Sinnoh]] with a {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}}. In ''[[DP001|Following A Maiden's Voyage!]]'', Piplup and the starter {{p|Chimchar}} got into a fight over their {{pkmn|food}}, with Piplup causing chaos by using {{m|BubbleBeam}} on the interior of [[Professor Rowan]]'s lab in pursuit of Chimchar. The two escape, and Dawn is given the task of finding them. She finds Piplup, and the two narrowly escape an {{p|Ariados}} attack. Back at Rowan's lab, Chimchar having been found by Rowan's {{p|Staraptor}}, Dawn chooses Piplup.
As the {{series|Diamond & Pearl}} continued, Dawn kept Piplup out of itshis [[Poké Ball]] more and more often, much like {{Ash}} does with his {{AP|Pikachu}}.<!--When did it start staying out of the ball, I don't remember. Someone?-->
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