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In the games: Wait she was also 4th in Platinum
==In the games==
Maylene uses {{type|Fighting}} Pokémon in her battles. Trainers who defeat her receive the {{Badge|Cobble}}, {{TM|60|Drain Punch}}, and are able to use {{m|Fly}} outside of battle. In addition, if she is the fourth Gym Leader defeated in Diamond and Pearl, all Pokémon up to level 50 will obey their Trainer. Maylene is considered a cute little girl, but adults in the town respect her for her power. Maylene's father gambles at the [[Veilstone Game Corner]]. Maylene apparently does not know her own strength, as she is unsure of how she got to be Gym Leader, and seems rather confused by the whole thing.
Later in {{v2|Platinum}}, the player encounters her upon entering {{rt|217|Sinnoh}} where she is apparently {{pkmn|training}} by walking to [[Snowpoint City]]. She does not use {{m|Fly}}—even if she can—so she can train herself. She is also used to the cold, even if she is lightly dressed and barefoot. In Snowpoint's [[Pokémon Center]], she says that she admires [[Candice]] for being so studious and that she will see her later. In the post-game, she can appear at the [[Battleground]], where she and the other Sinnoh Gym Leaders and Trainers can be battled again. After battling her here, she mentions that she believes that being barefoot is healthier than wearing footwear, pointing out that Pokémon go barefoot.