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Trivia: I put too much :P
** Both are female Gym Leaders who specialize in Fighting-type Pokémon
** Both are the third Gym Leaders in badge case order in their respective regions
** Both use a two-stage Pokémon with [[Fake Out]] as their first Pokémon
** Both use a [[Machoke]] with [[Guts]], [[Rock Tomb]] and [[Leer]] in battle as their second Pokémon
*** Both retain this Machoke in a rematch
** Both use a level 32 Pokémon[[Lucario]] whichwith had[[Steadfast]] uniqueand type[[Bone combinationsRush]] uponin their respective debuts as their third Pokémonbattle
*** Both usehand aout level 32a [[LucarioTM]] withcontaining [[Steadfast]]a andmove [[Bonewith Rush]]the word "Punch" in battleits name which has beneficial effects on its user
** Both hand out a [[TM]] containing a move containing the word "Punch" in its name which has beneficial effects on its user
*** Each of their Pokémon besides their respective Machoke know this move