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Gateon Port

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|image=Gateon Port.png
|westsouth=Citadark Isle
|mapdesc=A lively seaport with active trade. Loitering sailors are a common sight.
===Herb Shop===
{{main|Herb Shop}}
The lone [[Herb Shop]] in [[{{Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness|Pokémon XD]]}} is located on the second floor of the [[Poké Mart]] in northwest Gateon. Like other Herb Shops in other regions, it sells inexpensive herbal medicine that will lower the friendship of Pokémon that consume it.
The {{p|Munchlax}} owned by the Herb Shop's owner often visits [[Poké Spot]]s and eats [[Poké Snacks]] that other Trainers have left.