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====Legendary golems====
{{main|Legendary golems}}
[[File:Regis.png|thumb|left|250px|{{p|Regice}}, {{p|Registeel}}, and {{p|Regirock}}]]
This third trio of Legendary Pokémon, based on the {{wp|golem}}s of Hebrew legend, is featured minimally in [[Hoenn]] legend. This Legendary trio, as well as its [[trio master|master]], {{p|Regigigas}}, is commonly considered to have the most complicated method of in-game availability, with puzzles made of [[braille]] in the Hoenn region being the keys to unlocking their mystery.
[[File:385Jirachi AG anime.png|thumb|left|220px|{{p|Jirachi}} in the anime]]
The third Mythical Pokémon to be released and the first introduced in Generation III, {{p|Jirachi}} is known to grant wishes written on the tags on its head each time it awakens: once every millennium.
[[File:386Deoxys formes.png|thumb|right220px|{{p|Deoxys}} in its four Formes: Attack, Normal, Defense, Speed]]
A virus from space which mutated when shot by a laser, {{p|Deoxys}} was the first Legendary Pokémon known to [[Form differences|change form]], taking different forms on in each of the [[Generation III]] games - Normal Forme in {{game|Ruby and Sapphire|s}}, Attack Forme in {{game3|FireRed and LeafGreen|Pokémon FireRed|s}}, Defense Forme in {{game3|FireRed and LeafGreen|Pokémon LeafGreen|s}}, and Speed Forme in {{game|Emerald}}, and being able to change them at will starting from [[Generation IV]] games with special meteorites found in [[Veilstone City]] in [[Sinnoh]], {{rt|3|Kanto}} in [[Kanto]], [[Nacrene City]] in [[Unova]], [[Ambrette Town]] in [[Kalos]], and [[Fallarbor Town]] in [[Hoenn]]. Deoxys was also the second Mythical Pokémon introduced in Hoenn, although it eventually became a Legendary Pokémon.
====Sea guardians====
[[File:Manaphyphione.png|thumb|right|220px|{{p|Manaphy}} and {{p|Phione}}]]
The sea guardian Pokémon are a Mythical duo that, somewhat like Mewtwo and Mew, is comprised of a parent and child. {{p|Manaphy}}, a Mythical Pokémon that makes its home in colder seas south of the known regions, bears {{p|Phione}} when bred in captivity in the known regions.
[[File:Heatran anime.png|thumb|right|250px|{{p|Heatran}} in the anime]]
{{p|Heatran}} is the embodiment of the planet's boiling {{wp|core}}, appearing in [[Stark Mountain]] in [[Sinnoh]] and [[Reversal Mountain]] in [[Unova]], where it was said to have been born at the same time as Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina created Sinnoh at the [[Spear Pillar]] and created the [[Battle Zone]]. Heatran is the only Legendary Pokémon with a variable gender.
[[File:Regigigas anime.png|thumb|left|250px|{{p|Regigigas}} in the anime]]
{{p|Regigigas}} is the master of the [[Legendary golems]], having created them in ancient times and was said to have moved the continents in place, pulling them by rope.
[[File:Seabreak path.png|thumb|right|220px|{{p|Shaymin}} running down [[Seabreak Path]]]]
{{p|Shaymin}} is a Mythical Pokémon that has the ability to purify areas instantly and bring plant life in abundance. Unlike previous Mythical Pokémon with its straight-100 base stats, however, Shaymin has the ability to change forms, between Land Forme and Sky Forme.
[[File:Arceus ruins art.png|thumb|left|220px|{{p|Arceus}} creates a Pokémon Egg for {{ga|Ethan}} and {{ga|Lyra}}]]
The final Pokémon of Generation IV, {{p|Arceus}} is, according to legend, the creator of the Pokémon universe. Born of an Egg in the chaos at the beginning, Arceus's powers were awakened immediately, and from itself it made time and space, matter and antimatter, and set {{p|Dialga}}, {{p|Palkia}}, and {{p|Giratina}} to guard them. It created spirit as well, setting {{p|Uxie}} in charge of knowledge, {{p|Mesprit}} in charge of emotion, and {{p|Azelf}} in charge of willpower, before falling into an eternal slumber. Arceus has the highest base stat total of any Mythical Pokémon.