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'''Tower Ribbons''' (Japanese: '''タワーリボン''' ''Tower Ribbons'') are awarded to Pokémon that have been used to conquer various challenges in certain battle facilities. In Generations III and IV, the facility is the [[Hoenn]], [[Sinnoh]], or [[Johto]] [[Battle Tower]], while in Generation VI it is the [[Kalos]] or Hoenn [[Battle Maison]].
In the Generation III {{gdis|Battle Tower|III}} in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, two Ribbons rewardedare awarded for clearing the Level 50 Battle Tower and the Level 100{{sup/3|RS}}/Open Level{{sup/3|E}} Battle Tower. Ribbons are awarded to party Pokémon upon completion of the eighth consecutive Battle Tower challenge (defeating 56 {{pkmn|Trainer}}s in a row) and for completion of any challenge thereafter if a Pokémon does not already have a Ribbon.
In the Generation IV {{gdis|Battle Tower|IV}}, one Ribbon is rewardedawarded for defeating [[Tower Tycoon Palmer]] the first time in a challenge, and one for defeating him the second time. Three additional Ribbons are rewarded for winning 50 times in a row in Double Battles, Multi Battles against the CPU, or Multi Battles with someone, and another Ribbon is awarded for reaching Rank 5 in the Wi-Fi mode.
In Generation VI, two Ribbons are rewarded for defeating a [[Battle Chatelaine]] in either a normal battle or a Super battle at the [[Battle Maison]].
===Gift Ribbons===
:''See also: [[List of Ribbons in the games#Gift Ribbons|List of Gift Ribbons]]''
'''Gift Ribbons''' (Japanese: '''プレゼントリボン''' ''Present Ribbons''), in contrast to all other types, cannot be obtained in-gamaegame in [[core series]] Pokémon games. Most are found on [[event Pokémon]]. The {{DL|List of Ribbons in the games|National Ribbon}} and the {{DL|List of Ribbons in the games|Earth Ribbon}} can be earned in [[Pokémon Colosseum]] and [[Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness]].
Some Gift Ribbons prohibit Pokémon with them from being traded over the [[Global Terminal|GTS]] or through [[Wonder Trade]].