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|location_name=Cipher Lab
|translated_name={{tt|Shadow|Cipher}} LaboratoryLab
|image=Shadow PKMN Lab.png
|other_info=Mystery Lab/Shadow Pokémon Lab
The '''Cipher Lab''' (Japanese: '''シャドー研究所のラボ''' ''{{tt|Shadow|Cipher}} LaboratoryLab''), known as the '''Shadow Pokémon Lab''' or '''Shadow PKMN Lab''' (Japanese: '''ダークポケモン研究所''' ''{{tt|Dark Pokémon|Shadow Pokémon}} Laboratory'') or the '''Mystery Lab''' (Japanese: '''なぞの研究所''' ''Mysterious Laboratory'') in {{g|Colosseum}}, is a facility built by [[Cipher]] in the middle of the [[Orre]] desert. It was at this lab that [[Ein]] converted [[Snagging|snagged]] Pokémon into [[Shadow Pokémon]].
In {{g|Colosseum}}, the newly-constructed laboratory has several levels and seven {{tc|Cipher Peon}}s, including [[Skrub]] guarding the lab from intruders. Several {{tc|Scientist|Researchers}} also populate the lab and will attempt to stop intruders from interfering. The elevators and security doors create a maze-like pathway. In addition, an alarm system is in place to alert seen intruders.