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|mapdesc=A sinister and menacing laboratory that was built in the desert without notice.{{sup/ss|Colo}}<br/>A secret lab run by the criminal syndicate <sc>Cipher</sc> to study and develop <sc>Shadow Pok</sc>é<sc>mon</sc>.{{sup/ss|Colo}}<br/><sc>Cipher</sc>'s old lab back in operation. <sc>Prof. Krane</sc> may be held here.{{sup/ss|XD}}<br/>The lab used by the reactivated <sc>Cipher</sc> for developing XD001.{{sup/ss|XD}}
|location_name=Shadow PKMNCipher Lab
|translated_name=Dark Pokémon{{tt|Shadow|Cipher}} Laboratory
|image=Shadow PKMN Lab.png
|other_info=Mystery Lab/CipherShadow Pokémon Lab
|location=Central Orre
|map=Orre Shadow PKMN Lab Map.png
The '''Cipher Lab''' (Japanese: '''シャドー研究所''' ''{{tt|Shadow|Cipher}} LabLaboratory''), known as the '''Shadow Pokémon Lab''' or '''Shadow PKMN Lab''' (Japanese: '''ダークポケモン研究所''' ''{{tt|Dark Pokémon|Shadow Pokémon}} Laboratory'') or the '''Mystery Lab''' (Japanese: '''謎の研究所''' ''Mysterious Laboratory'') in {{g|Colosseum}}, is a facility built by [[Cipher]] in the middle of the [[Orre]] desert. It was at this lab that [[Ein]] converted [[Snagging|snagged]] Pokémon into [[Shadow Pokémon]].
In {{g|Colosseum}}, the newly-constructed laboratory has several levels and seven {{tc|Cipher Peon}}s, including [[Skrub]] guarding the lab from intruders. Several {{tc|Scientist|Researchers}} also populate the lab and will attempt to stop intruders from interfering. The elevators and security doors create a maze-like pathway. In addition, an alarm system is in place to alert seen intruders.
The only way to enter Ein's private laboratory is to enter the names of the three {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} whose DNA is hidden throughout the Shadow Pokémon LaboratoryLab.
Beneath the laboratory is the end of [[the Under Subway]].
Later in the game, after [[Wes]] has defeated [[Evice]] and cleared [[Snagem Hideout]] out for the first time, the Cipher Peons that initially guarded the lab, besides Skrub return along with an additional one, who has a shadow {{pkmn2|starter}} who attempts to recover the data on how to create Shadow Pokémon. Wes again takes all of them down and the lab is seemingly abandoned.
In {{Pokémon XD}}, {{tc|Cipher Admin}} [[Lovrina]] has brought the Lab back into use after five years of dormancy. During this time, she and her team researches a way to make [[Shadow Pokémon]] impossible to purify. CuriouslyAs the electric fence no longer works, the lab can be accessed from the main entrance. As such, the lab security seems to run backwards during this time: Ein's laboratory is one of the first rooms that [[Michael]] enters, as opposed to being one of the last. This is because the electric fence no longer works and the lab can be accessed from the main entrance.
The laboratorylab isn't well-concealed, and it can easily be seen from [[Agate Village]] and [[Mt. Battle]].
|location=Shadow PKMNPokémon Lab
|location=Shadow Pokémon LaboratoryLab
|move2=Shadow Wave|move2type=Shadow}}
==In other languages==
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''Shadow Pokémon Lab''
|fr=Labo Pokémon Obscurs
|it=Laboratorio Pokémon Ombra
|es=Laboratorio de Pokémon Oscuros<br>Laboratorio de PKMN Oscuros}}
''Mystery Lab''
|fr=Laboratoire Mysterieux
|de=Geheimnisvolles Labor
|it=Laboratorio Misterioso
|es=Laboratorio Misterioso}}
''Cipher Lab''
|fr=Labo Ombre
|it=Laboratorio di Cripto
|es=Laboratorio de Cífer}}