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Team Rocket isn't having very good luck as their patched balloon was leaking air and because of the altitude, they almost crash into the river but banged into Gyarados which pushes them to shore instead. The Gyarados is enraged and sends them blasting off again with its {{m|Hydro Pump}}.
Togepi and Houndoom continue to travel further and further. They go inside a tree for shelter during a thunderstorm. Houndoom notices that Togepi was bored and tickled it with its tail to cheer it up. After the thunderstorm, as they left the tree, near a bush they sawspot {{p|Raikou|a mysterious Pokémon}}! It soonwhich jumpsleaps away after letting off electric sparks.
Ash and his friends seem to have lost Togepi because the footprints have been washed away. They don't give up though and Pikachu finds some fresh footprints. Togepi on the other hand is sleeping on Houndoom's back when it comes back to a farm with [[Mareep farmer|an old man]] with his {{p|Mareep}}. Ash and friends finally catch up and find Togepi. Misty thanks Houndoom for taking care of her Togepi, but then Team Rocket interrupts this happy moment by catching Houndoom in a net. Ash sends out Chikorita again, and it cuts Houndoom free with its Razor Leaf attack. Jessie and James send out Arbok and {{TP|James|Victreebel}} to fight back, but Pikachu and Houndoom save the day and send Team Rocket blasting off again, for the third time.