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[[File:Salvia.png|thumb|250px|Princess Salvia]]{{CharInfobox
'''Princess Salvia''' (Japanese: '''サルビア王女''' ''Princess Salvia'') is a character in the [[Pokémon anime]]. She made her main appearance in ''[[DP171|Dawn of a Royalcolor={{diamond Day!]]''.color}}
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|name=Princess Salvia
|tmname=Princess Salvia
|caption=Princess Salvia
|eyes=Dark blue
|hair=Dark blue
|epname=Dawn of a Royal Day!
|enva=[[Erica Schroeder|Bella Hudson]]
|java=[[Yumi Kakazu]]
'''Princess Salvia''' (Japanese: '''サルビア王女''' ''Princess Salvia'') is a minor recurring character in the [[Pokémon anime]]. She is a {{cat|Royalty|princess}} and a [[Pokémon Coordinator]] who debuted in ''[[DP171|Dawn of a Royal Day!]]''.
She is a [[doppelgänger]] of {{an|Dawn}}, only differing in appearance by her hairstyle, clothing, and voice. Wishing to escape from her royal duties and compete in a [[Pokémon Contest]] after all her hard {{pkmn|training}} with Togekiss, the princess swapped identities with Dawn.
Using her {{TP|Dawn|Togekiss}}, Salvia won against [[Jessie|Jessilina]] in the final round and earned the [[Arrowroot Town]] [[Ribbon]]. Out of kindness, she gave the Ribbon she won to [[Jessie|Jessilina]] rather than keeping it for herself. She also gave her Togekiss to Dawn so that it could compete in more Contests.==History==
Princess Salvia was visiting [[Arrowroot Town]] as a {{wp|goodwill ambassador}} and was staying at the town's palace along with her {{TP|Salvia|butler}} and [[Freesia]]. Her {{wp|State visit|royal visit}} included a {{wp|State dinner|banquet}} to celebrate diplomatic ties with rulers of other principalities. Although royal obligations have kept Salvia from going on a {{pkmn|journey}} as a {{pkmn|Coordinator}}, she always found time to {{pkmn|training|train}} her {{p|Togekiss}} hoping that one day they would enter a [[Pokémon Contest]]. She also kept track of {{an|Dawn}}'s journey, watching on [[television]] all of the {{cat|Pokémon competitions}} she entered, including the [[Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition]].
SheWhen appearedDawn inand {{ashfr|her afriends}} flashbackarrived in ''[[DP172|WithArrowroot theTown, EasiestFreesia ofgreeted Grace!]]''them and brieflyimmediately appearedtook inthem ''[[DP177|Ato Grandthe Fightpalace forwhere Winning!]]''Salvia watchingwas staying. There, Salvia asked Dawn if they could swap identities for the finalsday, which would allow Salvia to ofenter the [[SinnohArrowroot GrandContest. Festival]]Dawn agreed, and Freesia assisted Dawn in taking on [[television]]Salvia's royal duties.
Using her Togekiss, Salvia delivered a [[Appeal|performance]] that impressed the [[Contest Judge|judges]] and secured her a place among the eight contestants moving on to the [[Contest Battle|Battle Stage]]. Salvia's training paid off as she and Togekiss successfully made their way to the final round, where they faced off against [[Jessie|Jessilina]] and her {{TP|Jessie|Seviper}}. After a tough battle, Salvia earned the Arrowroot [[Ribbon]]. Out of kindness, she gave the Ribbon to Jessilina rather than keeping it for herself. Salvia later told {{Ash}} and {{an|Brock}} that she thoroughly enjoyed the experience. She also gave her Togekiss to Dawn so that it could compete in more Pokémon Contests.
Salvia appeared in a flashback in ''[[DP172|With the Easiest of Grace!]]'' and briefly appeared in ''[[DP177|A Grand Fight for Winning!]]'', watching the finals of the [[Sinnoh Grand Festival]] on [[television]].
|epname=Dawn of a Royal Day!
|descvajp=WhenKikuko Princess Salvia joined a Contest as Dawn, she used Togekiss in both the Appeals and Battle Round.}}Inoue
|vaen=Kikuko Inoue
|desc=When Princess Salvia entered the {{to|Arrowroot}} {{pkmn|Contest}} as Dawn, she used Togekiss in both the [[Appeal|Performance Stage]] and the [[Contest Battle|Battle Stage]].}}
[[File:Arrowroot Ribbon.png|thumb|250px|The Arrowroot Ribbon]]
===Sinnoh Ribbons===
This listing is of the [[Ribbon]]s Salvia has obtained in the [[Sinnoh]] [[region]]:
* {{to|Arrowroot}} Ribbon (''[[DP171|Dawn of a Royal Day!]]''; given to [[Jessie|Jessilina]])
File:Salvia disguised as Dawn.png|Salvia disguised as Dawn
==Voice actors==
{{vatable|color={{normaldiamond color}}|bordercolor={{flyingdiamond color light}}
|de=Nicola Grupe
|ja=かかずゆみ ''[[Yumi Kakazu]]''
|en=[[Erica Schroeder|Bella Hudson]]
|fi=Heljä Heikkinen
|pl=Joanna Pach
|es_eu=Belén Rodríguez
* Princess Salvia isBefore the secondairing knownof person''[[DP171|Dawn toof wina anRoyal officialDay!]]'', {{pkmn|Contest}}she onwas thereferred firstto The'''Princess firstIris''' person(アイリス王女) toby doofficial sosources. was [[James]].
** Coincidentally, both Coordinators gave their Ribbons to [[Jessie]] and were disguised as other people.
* Before the airing of ''[[DP171|Dawn of a Royal Day!]]'', she was stated to be named '''Princess Iris''' (アイリス王女) by official sources, indicating that "Salvia" could have been a last-minute name change. ==Names==
**{| Ash'sclass="roundy" next female traveling companion afterstyle="background: #{{an|Dawn}}diamond iscolor {{an|Irislight}}.; Whetherborder: the3px reasonsolid of#{{diamond the name change was this or just a coincidence is unknown.color}}"
** Coincidentally, Princess Salvia's voice actresses in the Castilian and Latin American dubs are the same as Iris's.|-
*Her! name comes from {{wp|Salvia}}, a genus of plants in the {{wp|Mentha|mint}} family.Language
! Name
! Origin
|- style="background:#FFF"
| Japanese
| サルビア王女 ''Princess Salvia''
| From ''{{wp|Salvia}}'', a genus of plants in the {{wp|Mentha|mint}} family
|- style="background:#FFF"
| English, French, German,<br>Italian, Spanish
| Princess Salvia
| Same as Japanese name
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| Polish
| Księżniczka Salvia
| From her English name
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