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* This episode is the first of the dubbed ''[[Best Wishes series|Best Wishes]]'' episodes to not use ''all'' of the original BGM.
* Cilan's 'catchphrase' before performing a Pokémon evaluation in this episode is "''Time for the battle to be served!''", however this would quickly be replaced in future episodes by "''It's evaluating time!''".
* PartThis ofis the Scholasticlast children'sepisode bookto "Ash'suse Triplethe Threat"old isevolution basedeffect onused thissince episodethe {{series|original}}, aswhich wellwas asseen mostin ofAxew's thedream bookin focusingthis onepisode. ''[[BW005BW020|theThe previousnext episodetime an evolution was seen]]'', a new evolution effect was introduced.
* Part of the Scholastic children's book "Ash's Triple Threat" is based on this episode, as well as most of the book focusing on [[BW005|the previous episode]].