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At the start of {{ga|Pokémon Ranger}} the hero (either [[Solana]] or [[Lunick]]) receives a letter from Spenser in response to the previous seven letters written to him in regards to becoming a Ranger. He tells the hero to meet him in [[Fall City]] on Sunday wearing the Ranger uniform he sent them. Shortly after meeting the hero, a {{p|Plusle}} or {{p|Minun}} (depending on the hero's gender) angers a wild {{p|Houndoom}}, causing it to become vicious. Due to this, Spenser gives a [[Capture Styler]] to the hero so that while he captured the Houndoom, they could capture the other Pokémon. And after an impressive capture, Spenser gives the hero official Pokémon Ranger status.
It is Spenser's job to give missions to the Rangers of Ringtown in order to keep the peace in his area. It is also said that he used to work as part of a team with two of the other Ranger Leaders, [[Joel]] and {{ra|Cameron}}. He maintains a fierce, yet friendly rivalry with Joel. This gives Spenser motivation to maintain his quality capture skills and he quickly gained a mighty record at the [[Fall City|Capture Arena]] when it opened. This could be because briefly it is said that he, like the other leaders, have a Super Styler, which allows youthe player to capture Pokémon much faster.
During a mission to gather information on the [[Go-Rock Squad]] in their base, Lunick and Solana are sent on a mission as decoys. After they defeat the Go-Rock Quads who initiate a self destruct sequence in the base, they meet up with Spenser who tells them that he has retrieved Professor Hastings' stolen Super Styler and that he'll be going back into the base to save the wild Pokémon. Lunick and Solana are told to escape while they can. He soon unites with Joel and the two of them escape together, however the hero doesn't see him again until he comes to meet them after defeating [[Gordor]].